Man I wish I didn’t have to post this/can’t believe I’m posting it but RIP Nipsey. I know I’m a couple of days late but wanted to just pay my respects to a west coast legend who was really pushing the envelope and setting a great example for the next generation in terms of entrepreneurship and giving back to your community. There are a lot of good choices but the above is probably my favorite song by him and one of the most profound.

This Ain’t Entertainment, this for niggas on the slave ship, these songs are the spirituals I swam against the waves with, made it to the shore to their amazement.”ย 

I saw a couple of awesome paintings/drawings of Nipsey, somedone by his peers and fellow rappers, in the days following his passing, so wanted to include some of my favorites below.


Image result for nipsey hussle painting

Nipsey Hussle Dr Sebi Poster

P.S. You’ve got to love this from Russell Westbrook