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OT Genasis – Too Blessed 

From the original post

The big cuz O.T. Genasis hitting us with some surprisingly wholesome fire here. This is some inspirational ‘chicken soup for the trap star’s soul’. ‘Too Blessed’ is too inspirational and too catchy to ignore.

O.T. Genasis is Belizean but it looks like his hood pass is good in Haiti. Best music video shot in Haiti since Kodak and French Montana went down there for Lockjaw?

Is that O.T. Genasis considering buying a painting of O.T. Genasis at 1:05??

That ‘Haitian Veteran’ hat is intense. The floral Adidas shirt the other dude with him is wearing has got me jelly too. There are a lot of things to love about this video, from O.T.’s dance moves and how happy the kids are breaking out theirs, and the smiling old lady, and when O.T. points to the sky as he yells ‘My lil nigga coming home soon.’ This is O.T. Genasis’ best song of his career so far in my opinion, and very early on my favorite track of 2018 so far.

Blocboy JB – Rover 

So Grapey. Blocboy JB is hitting so hard right now he’s got Drake down in Memphis taking in Grizzlies games. Rover is an absolute monster and has me abusing the grape emoji on my phone keyboard.

Ray Mula ft. Dave East, Don Q – Wassup with the Wassup Remix

This is what NYC rap should be sounding like nowadays. Done perfectly. The original Wassup was great but the remix takes it to a whole nother level. All 3 guys kill it…

(Original post here)

Ray Mula:

“Shorty sleeping on the hookah so we made her pay for refills. I’m still taking her home, but if she throw me on the Snap than I’m breaking her phone.”

“Used to wake up for the count now I wake up just to count.”

“8 Ball rolling, nigga no pool, trap house jumping more scales than Whole Foods”

No homo but I love Mula’s voice it’s perfect for this type of song.

“I was fucking all these hoes way before I started trapping, looking like a rapper way before I started rapping. Yeah I’m from the 8 talk about it make it happen, we could get it poppin, we could get it crackin… Harlem world AKA money making, hoes started liking, niggas started hating. Tried to keep it funky, niggas started faking, grip on deck but we can still get it shaking.”

Dave East:

“I was on some broke shit, roaches by the mattress, on some Loc shit way before I started flagging.”

“All this double G be on me got me fucking nigga’s wives. Came home without a scar, could give a fuck about your life.”

Don Q:

“I be walking through the fire when the smoke clear. Tell my niggas open fire when the coast clear. Yeah that block was on fire but I post there. Don’t stand by that car tire we got coke there. Fuck a prince nigga I got king status. Stuffed $200,000 in a queen mattress. All my ice bright nigga I done seen darkness, my lawyer got pistol cases looking like weed charges.”

I almost want to include the original version with just Ray Mula as another one of my top 10 songs but I feel like that would kind of be cheating.

Cookie Money

Heartfelt and hard-hitting song from Oakland hustler Cookie Money. You can really feel what he’s saying here. I’m not going to say much here because I’ve been meaning to give this it’s own post which I’ll put up in the next couple of days.

Seqo Billy – Billy Dat 

Love the beat, love the verses from Seqo Billy and the presence he brings, love the friendly-looking dog.

6IX 9INE ft. Fetty Wap, A Boogie 

While Keke didn’t necessarily live up to the insanely high expectations I unfairly put on it, mainly because it didn’t use the beginning of the Fetty Wap verse as a hook over and over again, Keke was still a banger. Also, A Boogie’s part has grown on me over time since the original post.

Overlord Scooch – At Home 

Dope song from Detroit’s Overlord Scooch (new favorite rap name of all time?) who you can hear a couple of times on Payroll’s new album (which we’ll have to get to in the near future on here) from his smooth ‘Overcame Various Losses’ project.

Great chorus: “I feel so at home when I’m in the hood, sherbert and Patron got me feeling good. I feel so at home when I’m on the block, the same place that my daddy used to sell rocks.”

And even better verses: “You think I give a fuck who moving in the White House? Who in the hood tryna gamble? Bring the dice out. I’m from the West side but rest in peace Wipeout. I smoked weed with Blade’s brother at Fat Mike’s house.”

John Wicks ft. Kodak Black, Wyclef Jean – Haiti 

A nice chill Kodak song that will get you feeling tropical and sunny during this rough winter. Kodak’s brother is sounding like a reggae star here on the hook. I remember there being a version before this without the lavish video with just Kodak and John Wicks, then I thought there was one with the video of them on the boat but without Wyclef Jean, and then now this version with Wyclef. I almost spit out my drink when I was browsing my Youtube suggestions and saw there was a new version of this that Wyclef jumped on. I’m sure if you told John Wicks a year or two ago that he’d be on a song with Wyclef he wouldn’t have believed it! I can’t honestly say I’m any sort of expert on Wyclef or have bumped his catalogue that extensively but it’s pretty cool to see these guys on a song with an international superstar who is big enough worldwide to perform at the World Cup. And I can’t even lie – Wyclef’s verse is actually pretty nice he’s got some bars and a nice flow. (I’m not sure what he’s doing rocking those wireless headphones but hey at this point in his career I guess he can do whatever the hell he wants).

Wyclef: “My life, started out in a small village, I ate dirt from the floor homie, no kidding. I ain’t have no kitchen grandma said pray to Christ; this Jesus baby barely had a bag of rice. I been through hell and back, I felt heaven’s love, I shook the hand of the devil it felt like lava gloves… My old man told me don’t fall for the peer pressure. Before you know success, you’re gonna meet failure.”

Wyclef should do this more often. I would love to see him collaborate on some more stuff with Kodak going forward.

Between this one and the OT Genasis song we’ve got a lot of Haitian love on this month’s top 10!

Peezy ft. Jim Jones, Philthy Rich – Eastside

This song is from early last year so I’m super late on it but my fiendish Detroit obsession has me bumping Peezy’s entire back catalogue. I feel like this is a really wild combination of artists that I wasn’t expecting to see when I started this tape. As a big Dipset fan I’m never opposed to new Jim Jones features, and you can NEVER go wrong sampling Herb Alpert’s ‘Making Love in the Rain’. Honestly is that trumpet part not one of the smoothest moments in music history? You can really set the scene with that.

Babyface Ray – 36 Oz 

Sick effortless-sounding track from Babyface Ray off of his very solid Ghetto Wave project with Peezy. “If I ain’t chasing a check I’m at the loft with my kids, I just bought a six-pack of Dom P for my fridge.”

Benny, Willie Joe, YL Next Up – Mo Guap Mo Problems

Fuck it we’re going past 10 songs this month.

You wouldn’t think that attempting a remake of ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ in late 2017 with a bunch of youngins from Cali and adding in a whole lot of auto tune would be a good idea… but it’s actually kind of fire?!?!

Crimeapple – Florentine

I just found out about this guy this month but I’m going to start checking for him more frequently. New Jersey’s Crimeapple making me reminiscent for that old NYC sound and spitting non-stop quotables…

“My line buzzing, I’m pretty sure what they calling for, ’cause we chop cheese like ahk at the corner store.”

“I’m popping like vegetable oil my bitch spoil me. Ironic, the only real luxury now is loyalty. I swear I’m hallucinating the burner even spoke to me, the coke felt nostalgic it spoke and it said ‘Boil me!’”