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O.T. Genasis – Too Blessed 

The big cuz O.T. Genasis hitting us with some surprisingly wholesome fire here. This is some inspirational ‘chicken soup for the trap star’s soul’. There’s so many other dope songs coming out right now that I have stacked up in a backlog of posts I’m meaning to get to, that if you told me a couple of days ago my next post was going to be about the guy that wrote ‘Coco’ and ‘Cut It’ I would have looked at you very suspiciously, but here we are. (On the one hand, I can’t believe Coco came out OVER three years ago, but on the other hand, it almost seems like a relic from a different era. Also – anyone besides me think that Young Dolph almost sounded like some kind of stuffed animal or Care Bear when he’d say ‘Cut iiiiiiit’ in Cut It?). ‘Too Blessed’ is too inspirational and too catchy to ignore.

O.T. Genasis is Belizean but it looks like his hood pass is good in Haiti. Best music video shot in Haiti since Kodak and French Montana went down there for Lockjaw?

Is that O.T. Genasis considering buying a painting of O.T. Genasis at 1:05??

That ‘Haitian Veteran’ hat is intense. The floral Adidas shirt the other dude with him is wearing has got me jelly too. There are a lot of things to love about this video, from O.T.’s dance moves and how happy the kids are breaking out theirs, and the smiling old lady, and when O.T. points to the sky as he yells ‘My lil nigga coming home soon.’ This is just a happy, uplifting song. It’s the perfect time for it to come out too with a certain powerful American calling Haiti a ‘shithole’, O.T. stands up to him and shows that Haiti is a beautiful place with a lot of challenges but also a lot of miracles and a lot of smiling faces. This is O.T. Genasis’ best song of his career so far in my opinion, and very early on my favorite track of 2018 so far.

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Some ppl still tryna figure me out #Haiti 🇭🇹

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