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6ix9ine ft. Fetty Wap, A Boogie – Keke 

Keke has landed and we finally got the full version. Don’t get me wrong – Keke is definitely a banger, but I’m not sure if it lived up to the hype of the snippet that’s been floating around online/on Instagram the last couple of months. However, in fairness, few things in life truly live up to the insane level of expectations we put on them. The anticipation is almost always better than the event itself.

Best part of the song was from about the 1:00 to the 1:20 mark, Fetty’s hook. My biggest regret with this song is that they didn’t have the hook in it more times because it was sounding absolutely heavenly. Fetty’s verse wasn’t bad but it slowed down the song a little bit and didn’t seem to totally fit in with the ferocious vibe/tempo that Tekashi set with the opening verse (you could say the same thing about A Boogie’s verse too, the song felt a bit disjointed). Still, it’s good to see him back out here and hopefully we can see him taking back his crown as the hook god going forward.

It’s a good hype up song between the aggressive verse from Tekashi, the dope but unter-utilized hook and all the general shenanigans going on in the video, which looks like it was probably a lot of fun to be at. I like all the quads and dirtbikes in the video but I’m wondering how these dudes have them in NYC I could rarely find a parking spot there let alone space for extra ATVs and bikes, and we all know damn well that NYC apartments are basically the size of glorified closets so it’s not like they can keep them inside. I expect to see Meek and them and D.C. rappers etc. riding around on toys like this since they have a ton of land down there but doing it in NYC is an even more impressive feat. NYPD is going to be salty about this video.

A Boogie is surrounded by an entire snack attack at 2:00.  I can’t really get behind Tekashi’s rainbow-colored fur hood here, looking like he hunted a bunch of Care Bears and made a coat out of them, but the dude in the Lacoste jumpsuit and purple Lacoste hat looks fresh, and I’m not opposed to Fetty Wap’s Pelle Pelle jacket. Apparently the guy with the mask on is Rowdy Rebel’s brother Fetty. (Side note – ‘Fetty’s Song’ by Rowdy off of ‘Shmoney Keeps Calling’ might be his most underappreciated if not best song. So real and sounds so good over that smooth ‘Night Shift’ sample.) This song had the potential to be more but I’m still going to say that Tekashi is 3/3 now with 3 solid hits in a row between Gummo, Kooda and Keke, with Kooda being the best song so far. It will be interesting to see what he does next/how long he can sustain the momentum for.