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Apparently today is finally the release date for Tekashi’s/6ix9ine’s ‘Keke’ with Fetty Wap and A-Boogie. Your humble host is over here just keeping his fingers crossed and hoping there aren’t any delays. They’ve been teasing this for a while now and I’m just hoping it doesn’t become a white whale of sorts like the unreleased Big Choo song that Big Choo has been haunting the Martorlialist with with Instagram snippets of for over a year without releasing.  I was a little worried that this new squabble with Casanova could put Tekashi in the way of bodily harm before he was able to fulfill his earthly destiny and release this fire but thankfully cooler heads prevailed and Cas decided in the interest of the greater good to not harm Tekashi until we could all hear this banger.

I’m most intrigued by Fetty Wap’s part since it sounds heavenly in the preview, and because he was an interesting inclusion for the song. I feel like 2 years ago or so Fetty Wap was arguably the biggest up and coming name in rap and then through no fault of his own he fell off the radar as fans, in typical fickle fashion, just moved on to the next flavor of the month, whereas Fetty Wap was still out here making some pretty good songs the whole time. He definitley still has something to bring to the table and I would love to see ‘Keke’ push him back into the forefront. I always like strange combinations for collabs and the combo of 6ix9ine, Fetty Wap and A-Boogie is definitely a juicy one. (Also bringing together Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Paterson NJ).

For now I’m just watching the Jaguars/Steelers game biding my time patiently awaiting Keke to make landfall.

P.S. – I’m also holding out hope for a Tekashi/PC Tweezie collab bc I saw a since-deleted post on the ‘Gram of the two of them posting up in Florida with PC Tweezie saying ‘He good in Florida’ but the fact that it no longer seems to exist makes me less confident that there will be a song forthcoming. That would be one aggressive song.