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Lil Boosie – Webbie I Remember

9 times out of 10 when you see someone standing at the banks of the the river with a pensive look on their face, throwing twigs into the water or skipping stones, you know that something deep and introspective is about to happen (especially with those piano keys setting in as the beat) and Boosie delivers on that here in ‘Webbie I Remember’.

Boosie has been through a lot of ups and downs in his 34 years on this Earth and here he reflects on his relationship with Webbie and life in general. I love the black and white photos and video clips periodically interspersed throughout the video giving you a look back at long-buried memories of a simpler time. You really get a window into all sides of the coin of Boosie’s life; rocking out shows and cutting up with friends, to kids, to falling out with longtime friends, to cancer, to walking in and out of court and his prison stint.

Great wardrobe selection by Boosie for all 3 combinations in this video, whether it’s the Seahawks stuff, the all-white Nike combo (although I’ve voiced my qualms about these all-white get ups in outdoor music videos before) or even his own Jewel House gear which I’m usually not a huge proponent of but actually isn’t looking bad at all here.

“Went to war had a lot of niggas running. Behind bars, like a boss how I’m coming.”

“We was young and fucked up in the head. Drag you from the river if you fucking with my bread. Had a little money but we living in the red, we ain’t got it like we said.”

“Walking through the mall with a strap, 13 chains on I ain’t going for the jack.”

“When was kids we just wanted our turn, in the hospital me and you don’t learn, steady asking God give us one more turn.”

I can’t wait for BooPac to come out next week (Dec. 15th). Whether you love every song or not, I think everyone can agree that Boosie is undeniably one of the realest artists alive; very few other artists could touch on such a wide range of emotions (like pain, love, regret, nostalgia) in a short video like this and make you feel what they’re saying so much.

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