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6IX 9INE – Kooda 

I don’t know if Kooda will hit the same heights as Gummo or cause quite the same stir but it goes hard af (maayyyybe even harder than Gummo, this Nintendo-sounding beat is another sledgehammer) and I have to give credit where credit is due to Tekashi – I honestly thought Gummo would be a one hit wonder and then we’d never hear from him again but he’s definitely got a second hit on his hands here with Kooda. (Tekashi is coming up with some great names for these songs, better than his own moniker 6IX 9INE. He should consider just going by Kooda or even Gummo).

I like the part where Tekashi yells ‘We’re gon show what we about” partially because it sounds cool and partially because I actually am genuinely curious what exactly it is that he’s ‘about’.

I also like the ‘We don’t do the race, you gon die today’ line. A Tay-K reference/slight?

Imagine if you were an unsuspecting commuter just looking to use this subway station on a normal day and then walked in on this video being filmed? Lmao.

Shout out to the guys at about 1:04 just being an absolute menace to the public transport system. What exactly is he up to? Come on bruh the NYC subway system is already slow enough on its own without people blocking the tracks.

My only minor quibble about this one is the Hilfgier polo that Tekashi is wearing with the buttons buttoned up all the way to the top and the tips of the collar curling up, loosen up a bit bruh you’ve got a face tattoo and rainbow-colored hair, the top button isn’t going to make you look any more formal, you can loosen your collar a bit!

Between Gummo and Kooda Tekashi has really been taking the interweb by storm lately (I also even heard Gummo on late-night terrestrial radio the other night, a big surprise and a rare foray into FM radio by me not by choice but by bad circumstances) , acting as a blunt instrument to just hammer these hard beats with his abrasive flow. I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next –  I have no idea what’s going on in the very beginning of this video, but based on the guy at 0:07, could we possibly get a Tekashi song with phoned-in Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel verses, just to break the internet? Would that be too much to ask?