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Baby Soulja ft. Lil Boosie – Dirty

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This song/video by Baby Soulja out of Jacksonville goes so hard I needed to go outside and take a break after I listened to it a couple of times in a row before I watched it again because it was so intense. ‘Dirty’ had so many hard lines it was honestly hard to pick out a few to highlight but these were a few of my favorites…

“I’m from where you ain’t got a car you catch the bus. I’m from where if they try you retaliation is a must. I’m from where if you cut that heat on your mama fuss.”

“The bill due lights get cut off you lighting candles. Where you can’t trust a soul so your house gotta have cameras.

“I’m a 90s baby, we don’t care about what you did, nigga we crazy. I’m from where if you hustle you go a while without bathing. No food in the house so your breakfast the candy lady.”

“Where you and your brother wear the same shoes; neighborhood bad but y’all ain’t got enough money to move.”

My only one *minor* gripe with this video, and I’m being VERY picky here, is Boosie’s outfit – don’t get me wrong it looks pretty fly but that white Lacoste t-shirt and white shorts combo is just way too clean and pristine¬†for this video/song concept and this hood, it’s going to get filthy quickly. Believe me I’ve tried the all white combo before and sometimes it’s just not worth it. I also liked some of the older Boosie chains (i.e. the nearly life-sized Jesus chain or the really thick-looking Bible) better than this one he’s rocking here with the finger pointing.

Boosie was a nice feature here and I have to say Baby Soulja outdid him in terms of the heaviness and overall weight of his verse, which is quite an accomplishment (especially for a young artist) since Boosie is usually spitting some of the heaviest, realest material in the game.

P.S. Also note the really weak, poorly done shark tattoo that the cop is showing off at 0:47.

P.P.S. – Check out the guy all the way on the far left’s t-shirt at 0:36!

Definitely in the running for top song of 2017