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According to Dirty Glove Bastard, Bambino Gold and his cousin were found dead in Alabama after they went missing from Atlanta for several weeks. My thoughts and prayers obviously go out to them and their families and I wanted to post my favorite song/video by him as a brief tribute.

I love this one mainly just for the sheer audacity of the braggadocios chorus bordering on almost obnoxiousness; “she see me out trapping she get super happy, she told all her friends I’m her baby daddy,” as he gestures with his hand to show that they’re all happily gossiping about it. Also extra style points for his impressive collection of fine females in this video especially the one in the headband, and for literally bringing a chauffeur to his trap house to pick them all up. This is a fine example of that certain post-Gucci Atlanta trap scene from the early 2010s with guys like Bambino, Parlae, Alley Boy, Eldorado Red etc. right before Atlanta got really crazy with all kinds of new styles like Migos, Future, and Young Thug taking over the sound of the city. RIP Bambino.

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