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Joseph McFashion ft. FMB DZ – On Go 

Soooooo smooooooth.

Detroit’s FMB DZ is starting to really blow up right now and here he demonstrates why, doing some of his finest work over this silky beat (definitely in the running for best production of 2017). I love the flow and the great lines coupled with all the Detroit-specific references…

“Oh you need a job nigga? Come and sell that cling cling. One spot 3 cell phones and they all ring, If it ain’t about no money bitch it don’t involve me. Had to change my number, weird hoes tryna stalk me, gotta keep that stick can’t let a nigga chalk me”

“Niggas really soft, FMB you fuckin with the boss, I be playing golf, down my way I be ducked off, at Asiancorn beef tell them I need some more duck sauce, go to Au Corant ask them boys how much my Buffs cost”

“Hope you can read between the lines well read these, these red bottoms I got on exclusive you ain’t seen these”

“Used to ride shooters now we pulling up in Porsches now”

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