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Lazy Boy ft. Snootie Wild – Kinda Famous 

Another highlight from the new Lazy Boy mixtape, this one the eponymous intro track featuring an unexpected cameo from Snootie Wild of ‘Yayo’ fame from a few years ago.

Best Lazy Boy line – “Got the draco on the seat when I’m in the car, I’m going hard for my brothers on the prison yard.”

I had basically completely forgotten about Snootie and didn’t expect to hear from him again especially not on a mixtape by Lazy Boy but I’m enjoying his feature on here as he plays more of a Fetty Wap type role, contributing a sing-song verse where he details how he’s ‘Famous Amos smoking cookie, and my baby mama hating tryna jugg me’ which I love because of how ridiculous it sounds. There’s also a very unexpected Al Bundy reference that works. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing Snootie make a comeback in this type of a role going forward let’s see some more rappers utilize him on tracks in this fashion.