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Z$tat$ – Piss Po’

Z$tat$ is back with his latest track, Piss Po, his heaviest and hardest hitting song so far. With an aggressive flow over a heavy, energetic beat, Z pulverizes the track and paints a picture of what the struggle is like in the rugged part of Long Island’s Central Islip that he calls home, as well as the universal theme of how jealous/less successful people will try to stop your hustle and slow down your rise to the top when they see you’re getting money and trying to accomplish something. The dope chorus really captures this sentiment and also gives a defiant message of not letting them block your grind, “Keep grinding keep shining though, niggas want to see you piss po’, never let them niggas see you fold, a door opens when a door close.”

I also love this part of the second verse –

“I put in work I am not a slouch, how you working on your mother’s couch, niggas swear they know what hustling about, say they do it for the clout, 16 I was moving nicks, seeing 5s like I had beef with Crips, beef with niggas up the block til we set it off Jada Pinkett Smith”. 

And one other punchline I had to highlight –

“How do you live your life b? With the gangsters I might be. Never ever did the right thing, I can’t relate to Spike Lee.”

This is my favorite beat so far that YGRF’s Z$tat$ has rapped over and the urgent/intense beat and flow fit his style well. I also love the message of the song as he really captures not only the bleak challenges of the struggle and overcoming jealousy/haters but also the beauty and triumph of defying them by waking up and grinding every day to get to where you want to be and rise above them, like Tee Grizzly in his recent freestyle or Mozzy in tracks like ‘Beautiful Struggle’ or ‘Bladadah’.  His latest track is his best so far in my opinion as he continues to build momentum so it will be interesting to see what he unleashes next. You can check out some more of his work on his Soundcloud below and keep an eye out for what he’s up to next.