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I was planning out a different post today but this song by Smokepurpp was just too wild for me not to put this up. It’s such a crazy mix of melodic and ominous. The TM88-produced beat is so hazy and shimmery it’s one of my favorite beats by anyone I’ve heard in a while. I love the voice Lil Purpp sings the exceedingly blunt chorus in, ‘Glock inside my Benz, no such thing as friends.’ Sonically, the song doesn’t really have much in common with Chief Keef’s ‘Citgo’ but for some reason the vibe and the dreamy, sunny haze mixed with the ominous lyrics give me kind of the same vibe as Citgo.

I don’t know a lot about Smokepurpp besides that he’s from Florida and that he and Lil Pump seem to be associates. The first I had heard of him was a brief mention in Lil Pump’s song ‘Lil Pump’ where Pump makes the claim that the pastor at church told him that he and Smokepurpp were ‘off the purp’.  He doesn’t have a ton of material out yet but this is definitely my favorite song I’ve heard by him so far and I keep blasting it over and over again. I’m probably a bit older than the demographic that these guys are getting really popular with but I really like what they’re going in terms of doing their own thing and creating almost a whole new subgenre within rap along with guys like Lil Peep etc. I only found out about them this winter but they’ve def built up quite a bit of momentum; both Smokepurpp and Lil Pump are nominees for the XXL Freshmen Top 10 cover.

Floria is a really diverse and interesting state music-wise, you have everything from the dreamy trippy new wave stuff from these guys like Lil Pump and Smokepurpp to Kodak Black to 1wayFrank to even stuff like Rick Ross and of course xxxtentacion.

Definitely an early frontrunner for one of my top 10 songs of April