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Joe Pablo & Juicester – Dirty Blender

More fire from my new favorite crew. This time Juicester subs in for MarijuanaXO and crushes it.

I’m about this multiple Rollie life (although I can’t necessarily pull it off let alone afford it myself) and this Cartis everywhere life

This beat slaps hard and Broad Day Blo crooning over it gives it that blockbuster feel

“Dope so good junkies pulling my coattails”

“Boy and girl go together like a hammer and a nail”

“Riding round hot with a dirty blender, every rich nigga fell in love with a dirty spender”

“Bought a book cause I never had one, I can teach you how to read I’m on the last page”

And Juicester leaves you with some valuable life advice here as well “Life’s way too valuable to play it dumb.” This whole track has me hyped up to go out and make some money.

Phone call at the end has me hyped up too “WE ALL COMING HOME”