Hellboy Rodd – HellsWorld

This HellsWorld video is from last year, and last summer at that, but I wanted to post it/write about it anyway since I just found it recently and since I’m feeling it so much. As I wrote previously, Hellboy Rodd might be my new favorite rapper. Just when you think that the Detroit/Flint rap scene couldn’t get any deeper, I start listening to Hellboy Rodd and Nuk more than any of my previous favories for a couple of weeks on end. Rodd raps with a chip on his shoulder and this song/video is the ultimate example of that.

I like how he’s rapping angry; he can’t believe that you don’t think he really has this much money. He can’t believe you have the audacity to think he really doesn’t have these glocks. He’s literally indignant about it, and that he isn’t getting the attention/recognition he deserves yet, and rightfully so.

“Real recognize real, you ain’t gotta ask, money speaking for itself we ain’t gotta brag” he says as he angrily grips his two straps, which is actually refreshing to see because let’s be honest, these rappers happily flashing their straps in videos as part of their swagger is usually a mirage, usually you are angry when you need to. I’m feeling the urgent but somehow still casual flow he employs as he pummels this beat, and more than anything I’m just feeling the conviction that he raps with.

No reliance on flashy jewelery or designer man purses here, this is real hustle music from the heart of a soldier on their way climbing out of the trenches – “Fuck a Wraith little nigga I’m tryna drop a jet. Fuck a bussdown Rollie brother we tryna cop Pateks. I’m mad that I’m rapping about it but don’t got it yet. Pops was on drugs, momma died from a heart attack. Y’all niggas swear that you’re some shooters but don’t got a strap. This interstate treat me good I ain’t gotta rap. I’m popping three percs a day cause I gotta trap. I watched the junkies do the dog out the bottle cap. You little niggas hold your water you can’t bottle that. Them niggas popped my cuz you know we got em back.”

“Talking all that crazy shit like we won’t roll up. Me and Jalen back to back you know we poled up. We got 80 with us too you know we showed up. We put some gas in the whip now we gonna go nuts.”


I also love Rodd’s commitment to always pushing this demon/hellscape imagery, like the heavy metal devil hand you’d see a white metalhead from the 90s do at ‘It’s Hellboy Rodd we know who really got them Glocks” or the visual effect with the devil horns and his eyes blanked out at 2:30.

Awesome ad lib/body language to go along with “Final Destination shit, he won’t make the flight” BOOM

And lastly respect to Rodd for acknowledging that he knows Balenciagas are ugly but that he just wears them because the ladies like them – this is a true man of the people right here. And hell yeah I’m down with him rapping from the barber chair and the weight bench from his yard.

This is one of the most unique and interesting artists in the game right now and he’s rapping with a chip on his shoulder that he doesn’t have what he wants yet; in fact I feel like I have a chip on my shoulder that this video doesn’t have nearly as many views as it should.

P.S. is ‘purple like that Jewish shooter’ some sort of Joker reference? Lmao.