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Nuk x Hellboy Rodd – Hellgodz (2020)
Kodak Black – I Wanna Live (2020)
Peezy ft. Rio da Yung OG, RMC Mike – CFWU (2020)
Sosa Geek – Rambo (2020)
Peezy ft. GT, Overlord Scooch, Motown TY – YRN (2020)

Nuk x Hellboy Rodd – Hellgodz

UMM HOW DID I JUST FIND OUT ABOUT THIS NOW? I think Hellboy Rodd is easily my new favorite rapper. And Nuk is coming in as a close second. Just when I thought this whole Detroit/Flint ecosystem couldn’t possibly get any deeper, I belatedly find out about two new guys who could both become two of my top artists of the year.

Hellboy Rodd is getting that COVID money, $150,000 in the pandemic. This dude is flowing like a… demon on this.

“On the east or the west I can’t be touched, they got these fake ass demons trying to be us, that murder or that dope I got my hands in it, I made $150,000 off this pandemic.”

“These ain’t regular Adidas these the Yeezy kind, big demon big Glock don’t get demonized”. Side note I love how dedicated Rodd is to pushing this demon ethos.

I don’t know why but I love the “Bitch I’m on the block I’m selling big pies, I pull up on the east I’m with the big guys” line and Hellboy Rodd’s mannerisms as he raps it. My favorite part of this video is the look on Nuk’s face as he holds up his Bag Godz chain when Hellboy Rodd says “Pull up on the East I’m with the big guys”

I sent this video to my brother a couple of nights ago and he said that when the video started he wasn’t sure who the rapper was going to be and was surprised when Hellboy Rodd was ‘the big dude’ which I feel like just makes Hellboy Rodd even better. One of the things I like about Rodd is that he raps like he has a chip on his shoulder, but I’ll get more into that in my next post that I’m working on.

While Nuk might not have quite the same ridiculous bars as Hellboy or quite the same commitment to the demon vibe, he more than makes up for it with the casual swagger that he delivers his lines with; “trap nigga so they get the picture just like Vizio, ” “Pull out 50 if I get provoked,” “My bitch been to 8 countries”

As you all know I’m a fan of the rapper’s whole crew joining in and yelling along with the end of a line once per video, a la Big Wan’s Fast Lane Lifestyle or Rio and Big Colin’s Ghetto Boyz so I was pleased to see this tactic used again here. I’m not sure who made this beat but it sounds like it could be a 1800.

Seems like we’ve got not only the East and the West coming together here but a demon and a Bag God linking up to create something magical. Definitley one of my top videos/songs for 2020 already.

P.S. is it just me or is Nuk really tall?

Kodak Black – I Wanna Live

Lil Kodak did it again. Kodak came through and knocked down the buildings with this one. They can try to keep Kodak locked in a cage but they can’t stop him from making a hit!

This is that vintage, ebullient Kodak that I’ve been missing. The hook goat is back…


“I wanna live I want to chill I want a bunch of things”/”I’m tryna run my money up I’m tryna die slow” Can’t we all get behind this message? If you can’t get behind this message/song I don’t want to be friends with you. Maybe this is like when Snoop Dogg linked up with Willie Nelson, something that can bring everyone from all walks of life in this divided country together.

“My uncle knew I was a star he called me maestro. I’m blowing jet fuel pack I blow nitro, I’m tryna throw the roof back and live life though.” I hear you Kodak, I hear you. I love the nitro/life though rhyme; Kodak really is underrated as a lyricist.

I havent seen the production credits but whoever made this for Kodak laced him with the perfect beat for this type of Kodak.


Can Kanye get in Trump’s ear and PLEASE tell him to pardon Kodak before he leaves office?

Peezy ft. Rio da Yung OG, RMC Mike – CFWU

What a blessing it is to get a new album from Peezy right at the tail end of 2020. It’s too bad Peezy can’t be here for the video but his team is in here heavy. Like Peezy himself said back in ‘New Car Smell’, Ghetto Boys really is the “new Death Row.” I’d go as far as to say the new Death Row, new No Limit, and new G-Unit.

We’ve even got some cameos from Babyface Ray and GT here.

Rio absolutely slaughters this. “Ghetto Boys we untouchable. I bet a nigga ain’t gon hit my bitch she unfuckable. Real ghetto shit, turned some Benny’s down for Lunchables. TAKING PICTURES WITH MY FAMILY FRESH AS FUCK LIKE THE HUXTABLES, HALF A MILLION WORTH OF JEWELRY THEY CAN’T FUCK WITH US.”

Free Big P!

Sosa Geek – Rambo

I’m feeling Sosa Geek’s ‘blunt instrument’ type of delivery here, “I KEEP A GUN ON ME LIKE I’M RAMBO, I GET MAD I’M USING THIS AMMO”. I also just love the name ‘Sosa Geek’.

Peezy ft. GT, Overlord Scooch, Motown TY – YRN

Another selection off of the new Peezy album, mainly off the strength of the Overlord Scooch verse (still my favorite name in rap). Overlord’s verse is just so damn smooth. I’m feeling the “I hit the yard with Vice Lords nigga all is well, if I feel threatened nigga we gonna fill your car with shells” line, so dope.