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Rio da Yung OG x JusJayR x Velly Beretta x RMC Mike – Kitchen

I think it’s about time I finally cop some of this Autoworld gear.

This might be a new top song of the year contender for me, off the strength of Rio’s hook and off of the third guy’s verse. Before this video I wasn’t even sure if the third guy was JusJayR or Velly Beretta but I’m feeling this verse and at this point I’m feeling it so much it might be my new frontfunner for verse of the year. It’s hard to really stand out when you’re on a song with Rio because usually his verses gobble up all the oxygen in the room but this guy (found out after that he’s Velly) pulls it off.

“Super solid, ain’t never been on no frail shit. My niggas know if I get caught I ain’t gon tell shit. Dolce Gabanna on my body bitch I smell rich, unemployment got me looking like I sell bricks

Or looking like I’m on my freelance. Boy you dumb as fuck if you ain’t get none of those free bands. I ain’t get my stimulus they sent it to my BM. As long as I keep paying forthe court I’m a free man. Lay a nigga down just so he can see how we land. Going superhuman on this bitch I’m on my He Man”

I love the hand motion at ‘unemployment got me looking like I sell bricks’ and the flex at ‘Going superhuman on this bitch’. Kudos to Velly for breaking the typical mold of rapping about trapping or scamming to talk about unemployment checks, stimulus checks, and perhaps most surprisingly of all, freelancing. I’m picturing Velly posted up at a Starbucks somewhere outside Flint with his laptop open Zooming with an editor making changes to an article he’s working on or going on Upwork and assigning tasks to a bunch of graphic designers in the Philippines. For some reason the going Superhuman on this bitch I’m on my He Man part gets me super hyped up.

And it’s not just the verse itself but also just the casual swagger and the smooth flow that it’s delivered with.