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Lil Yachty x YN Jay – Blind Em

Looks like Lil Yachty really took Hotbox Social’s advice to heart about “taking advantage of Flint’s cheap housing market to stay in town for a while” because here he is AGAIN with artist of the year candidate YN Jay. Seriously he must be feeling right at home in “Vehicle City” since they did Flintana there over a month ago, I love to imagine he’s been there the entire time in a cheap rental house. Somebody get this man an Autoworld hoodie!

I was never super into Yachty (although I did love Minnesota when it came out tbh) but he seems at home with these Flint guys like Hotbox says and he’s been going hard on these Flint/Detroit beats so I’m warming to him. And I’ve got nothing but respect for the fact that he was doing ads for Sprite/Nautica etc. and he’s equally comfortable posting up in Flint so I feel like he’s really there for the love of the game.

Does anybody in the game have a better flow than YN Jay right now? And has anyone glowed up more in 2020? I feel like it’s YN Jay’s world and we’re all getting accustomed to living in it. My one gripe – they need to get Rio into one of these Yachty/Flint collabs!

“Oh they said the opps in the party? I’ma still come”