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KrispyLife Kidd ft. RMC Mike, Babytron – Spicelation 


This dude KrispyLife Kidd is hilarious. “I don’t think niggas know how I’m boming, hire a hitman from Jersualem he’ll whack you for a plate of hummus.” Is it an angry Palestinian or some sort of crazy Israeli mossad agent or something?

“When my son seen an opp they had to rope off the pep rally”

I’m trying to see what kind of hat Kidd is wearing but I can’t see the logo because of the angle.

RMC Mike is feeling himself and deservedly so. “40 million streams in a year yeah that’s kind of priceless, finna do a show overseas I’ve gotta fly to Iceland.”

Babytron must feel invincible rolling around the city with RMC Mike and KrispyLife Kidd.

“Catch an opp in traffic punch his window til it shatters”