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RMC Mike, Lil Yachty, YN Jay, Louie Ray – Flintana

I kind of love the fact that Lil Yachty seems to be hanging around in Michigan now, first doing the song with Sada Baby before now migrating to Flint to chop it up with Mike, Louie Ray, and YN Jay. This has to be one of my favorite unexpected developments of 2020. I kind of wish they got Rio on this because he would have killed this but on the other hand I’m glad these guys are stepping out of his shadow a bit too. YN Jay and Louie Ray are really getting some serious momentum behind them now after scoring a hit with ‘Coochie’ and now rocking out with Yachty. Say what you want with Yachty but hey the guy was in his own Nautica commercials in the not too distant past so to me it’s a win for Mike, Louie and Jay and anything to get them more exposure is a good thing in my book. Yachty’s verse on this is actually goes hard as fuck too. “Bro n them just shot another opp, cooked another crab. Young nigga mouth full of gold riding on slabs.” I’m kind of loving the Apple hat? 

That tie-dyed Pittsburgh hat RMC Mike is rocking is fire. “First time I seen a dope sale I was in Pop Warner.”

“Went to church, prayed for my sins, then served the reverend.”