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A lot of Cash Kidd this month, and really not much else…

Cash Kidd ft. Icewear Vezzo, Sterl Gotti, Lavier, Rio da Yung OG – See You (2020)
Cash Kidd – Barefoot (2020)
Cash Kidd – Kiddnapper (2020)
Cash Click Boog – Come Back (2020)
Bankhead ft. Larry Byrd, Big Fonz – Swipe Yo Line (2020)

Cash Kidd ft. IceWear Vezzo, Sterl Gotti, Lavier, Rio da Yung OG – See You (2020)

Man I had heard this a few months ago and seen Ray Garraty post it and it was one of those things where I was like ‘Oh nice all of my favorite rappers on one track’ and expecting it to be the best thing I ever heard and for whatever reason when I first listened to it the one time it wasn’t clicking with me and I forgot about it and  never went back to it.

Now, bumping the Cash Kidd album ‘No Socks’ that it came out on, giving it another chance, it’s hitting me in a different way and it’s been like a revelation of biblical proportions. This has become one of my all-time favorites.

“Throw these Balencis on the wire after I wear them tonight. I keep a big 30 on me and I carry a knife.”

I love Cash Kidd’s callous disregard for material things; yeah he’ll buy the Balenciagas because he’s bored and because you can’t but fuck it, he’ll throw them up on the wire after he wears them tonight. He keeps a big .30 on him AND he carries a knife.

“Bought a crib in Canton because the area nice, I’m barely there but I watch the cameras every night.”

I’m also feeling that posessed, dark side version of Cash Kidd when he’s singing ‘When I seeee you, when I see yooouuu”

I am decidedly in the camp of fans of Icewear Vezzo but it would be unfair to expect him to keep up with probably the two best lyricists in the game right now in Cash Kidd and Rio but while he can’t do that, you know what? He absolutely fucking bodies this track with just the sheer energy he brings to it and his unique style. I love the Icewear voice no homo and every time his verse comes on on this I get hyped. “WHEN THEY SEE US CHANGE SHIFTS LIKE WORKING MAN”

I don’t know much about Lavier and I kind of slept on his verse at first but after a few listens you realize that his verse is on the next level, with next dimension lines like “These hoes don’t want you in their presence til you lit like Christmas trees.’ I’m almost a little frigthened by the ‘shout out my nigga G, dog been getting tortured for that little shit he did to me.’ Part of me is curious to know what the guy did/what they’re doing to him but honestly I probably don’t want to know! “Big eyes with the gat but hoes on me like I’m spongebob, feels like yesterday I was the poorest in that lunch line, free my pops, we just chopped it for the one time, I could be a star but they don’t want to see the sun shine.”

I NEED to start finding more Lavier verses or he needs to start rapping more because he’s a beast.

And then of course, you get the Rio verse as the grand finale. I love hearing Rio rap over this light piano type beat.

“You know I’ma up the heat when I see you. Fiberglass on the pistol that bitch see-through.”

“Sorry I’m aggressive off this perc I can’t crack a smile, I robbed a nigga with a (???) for a half a pound, I got it from my granddad the handle crocodile.” I absolutely love when rappers talk about old straps, like Rio here talking about his granddad’s Saturday night special with the crocodile-skin handle or ALLBLACKtalking about stealing his granddad’s revolver and taking it to school.

I feel like this is a zenith for the whole Detroit/Flint scene that’s been taking over for the last few years, and should go down as one of the all-time great posse tracks.

Cash Kidd – Barefoot (2020)

I’ve been a little quiet lately but I’m back in the game. Been bumping the latest Cash Kidd album ‘No Socks’ non-stop this week off the strength of Ray Garraty’s recommendation and it might be my favorite project of the year so far after City on My Back.

Move over Barefoot Contessa, Cash Kidd is taking over the barefoot lane here.

Man shout out to Cash Kidd for having the courage to have some extra thick video thots, I can definitely get behind it.

Beat is fucking flames and Cash Kidd is underrated with the hooks this one has been in my head all week. “Like a butcher let ’em meet the chop!”

“Only thing I’m scared of is the cops” unfortunately rings to true, fuck 12

“We running through these scrips like its practice”

“Told my ex bitch to Kwame a river, Kilpatrick”

“Ain’t gotta swipe no more, I’m still swiping”

No homo I’m usually not into designer but I’m feeling Cash Kidd’s Versace t shirt and the light blue/yellow/gray color combo

Cash Kidd – Kiddnapper 

Another highlight from No Socks. Just heard it on the album and didn’t realize it had a video from a few months ago. One thing that I love about Cash Kidd is that while he has the clever/over the top punch lines like Ray Garraty has mentioned (like ‘One wrapper with five sticks like a pack of gum’ in Barefoot or ‘Whacked a broke opp thought he had some money til I punched a donation to his go fund me’ here) and the creative (maybe sometimes even too creative!) wordplay aerobics like ‘Kwame a river, Kilpatrick’ or ‘Get My shell like Barack’, he also is so effortless with his more casual boasts and brags like here with “In an opp hood getting gas, I’m so comfortable.” He throws the line out so casually/easily but something about it just paints such a picture about him – the relaxed, cool confidence he freely moves about his city with and the relaxed, dismissive disdain he has for the opps.

P.S. I’m not sure what Don World is but I’m feeling the Don World hoodie.

Glad to see the video has over 2 million views it seems like Cash Kidd is starting to get the recognition his work ethic and skill deserves

Cash Click Boog – Come Back 

I’m glad Crimedawgbylaw posted this quick hitter from Cash Click Boog, otherwise I would have missed out on it. Boog was up there with my Rio last year for my ‘rapper of the year’ when I did my year-end post, but I haven’t heard as much output from him this year. I can’t fault him for that becuase he blessed us with so much heat last year. But in any case, ‘Come Back’ is a nice start for 2020. I love the beat and the way the almost forlorn piano loop of seems to build up to a crescendo only to evaporate into nothingness.


“50 rounds in my coat, bitch I’m top heavy”

Bankhead ft. Larry Byrd, Big Fonz – Swipe Your Line

A beat jack of Brandi’s ‘Boy is Mine’ reimagined as an anthem for scammers was exactly what I had been missing in my life, and I didn’t know it.

Shout out to the Crimedawg again for this one. It’s obviously meant for comedic value but it’s also actually fire