Stove God Cooks – Money Puddles

The rhyme scheme on this from Stove God Cooks is insane. Almost like a coke rap version of DMX’ ‘How We Be’ where he’s not so much rapping lines but just free-associating different words/phrases that fit a theme while he’s flowing. Just the pure artistry that went into this is something to take a step back and admire.

“Keep the planets all in orbit, dirty Porsches, half a million dollar mortgage, lemon swordfish”

“Hangin out the window eyes closed he shooting on a xannie, Versace (???) print look like cotton candy, this that hard knock, this that Orphan Annie”

“A hundred kilos, run up the C-Notes, my nigga ducked the RICO, pray for me though, Valentino, glass of pinot, ain’t no room up in this Benz, it’s me and my ego! These niggas forgot the G code, 36 to 63 O’s, that’s the reload, Rhinna twerking on my B-Roll!

“I deserve a rose I rose out the concrete, Ferarri, Fear of God I’m feeling like Haille Selasse”

I don’t know much about the Stove God but it looks like he is Roc Marciano’s new protege and Roc produced the entire album, I know some of you guys love Roc. I believe he is from Long Island like Roc. I’m just sinking my teeth into the album now and this was one early standout but the whole album is really good/interesting after a couple of listens. I like this guy’s angle and artistry he definitley somehow puts a new spin on things that thousands of artists have covered before, so that’s no small feat. My one minor complaint would be that similar to Roc himself and the Griselda dudes etc. I wish he would rap over some harder beats too, like something that the Detroit/Flint guys rap over because I feel like he could absolutely destroy a couple of those beats. Regardless, I am down with the Stove God.