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Icewear Vezzo ft. Sada Baby – 2 Hands 

Icewear is feeling himself here, one of the best verses I’ve heard from him. I was listening to a bunch of Icewear probably about 4-5 years ago or maybe even earlier before he got locked up, I feel like he sort of preceded this current wave of Detroit rappers who have now gotten more popular, I haven’t really checked out most of his recent stuff but saw he just did this song with Sada Baby and decided to check it out, glad to see he’s back at the top of his game. Icewear is linking up with Sada Baby, rocking a bandana with a khaki suit which I am definitley in favor of, flowing like a beast, and just reeling off bar after bar like it’s nothing…

“I get higher than a nigga finna go to court. I got fire like a nigga that ain’t go to work. I’m so lit round this bitch I can’t go in stores.”

I def feel you on that last part, Icewear.

“She only tells me she loves me when it’s beneficial, wear my jewelery out in public yeah I been official, nigga touch one of mine and I’m sending missiles”

“A nigga catch me broke, come sign my cast”

“Catch an opp while he lacking I’m an opportunist”

I love Sada Baby’s typically over the top boasting, “We might be the toughest richest niggas in America.” Not only the toughest, or richest, but the toughest and richest.

You know what? Shoutout to Marathon Petroleum man