Rio da Yung OG – Copy Cats 

“What up Sav?”

Rio might be the only thing out there that’s sicker than coronavirus. Regeneron needs to get Rio in the lab and have him cough up a few bars for them to use create the vaccine and save the world.

“30 shots hanging out the glock look like a hockey stick, 3 of Wok in a Chinese pop ain’t no jollies in it. Walk into the club wearing a trench coat with a shotty in it. Thought I seen an opp in here I was probably tripping. Put a nigga in a box I’ll Roddy Rich him. Bought some more black Balenciagas and caught a body in them.”


Other rappers are walking into the club wearing tight jeans and effeminate designer shirts; Rio is just fine walking in looking like a suburban teenage Goth that may or may not have brought a strap to school. (Whether it’s Rio or ALLBLACK, I always get a kick out of real street rappers adapting the imagery of school shooters).

“The tips on these .308 bullets look like Jolly Ranchers, pole on me in the strip club damn near shot a dancer”

The imagery of the bullet tips looking like Jolly Ranchers is too good, and when you combine it with Rio’s comically ever-present casual disdain for exotic dancers it makes for a classic Rio line. This guy really is on his own plane of existence right now.

I also love Rio’s self-reflective earnestness when he says ‘Street nigga; when I jump out fresh I still look kind of tacky.”

Rio’s “City on My Back” is out now and after a couple of listens last night/this morning it definitley does not disappoint. And I’m sure I’ll listen to it about a dozen more times this weekend while I’m trying to ride out the coronavirus storm at my crib, so I’m sure there will be more posts about it. I’m going to try to actually buy this one to try to support Rio for all the entertainment he’s given me at this point.

P.S. I hope all you guys are safe/healthy out there with all this craziness going on