LBM Lil Joe – How You Want It? 

This unexpected and very effective Tupac ‘However You Want It’ beat jack was a pleasant surprise on LBM Lil Joe’s excellent ‘Slapp or Die 3’ mixtape that Crimedawg put me onto and after many spins became hands down my favorite song on the tape. This is a fun one to drive around to.

The hook is fire “However you want it, come to your city, I’m busting down in the trap really shipping out packs lil nigga I’m the plug for real,” with the fidelity to the original Tupac hook and LBM Lil Joe’s gruff voice making it even better, and I love the McDonald’s analogy at the beginning. LBM Lil Joe is evaluating his trap with the business acumen of a manager from McDonald’s corporate headquarters; billions and billions served, have it your way.