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Big Fenc ft. Rio da Yung OG, Dink, Sid Dawg – Can’t Fall Off 

Obviously this site has been the ‘All Rio All the Time’ 24/7 Rio Da Yung OG coverage channel lately (and rightfully so!), so of course I scoped out this video out to see the Rio verse. But every now and then when you click a video just to hear the artist you want to hear you end up being blessed with an all-time gem from a bunch of other guys you’ve never heard of.

Flint Michigan linking up with Kalamazoo Michigan for one of the dopest songs I have heard in a long time. I’m loving the fuzzy-sounding production of the beat. From the hook, to the production/sample to all 3 verses, everything about this song is on point – Even just the overall message of refusing to fall off. This is real hustle music.

“Bitch I’m the big homie, I can put you on, and I can get a nigga offed if he try to do me wrong” might be one of the hardest lines I’ve ever heard, there’s not much to it but it just sounds so hard. (Big Fenc looks intense, I definitely would not want to ‘do him wrong’ and get on his bad side).”

The hook from Sid Dawg is godly. “Bitch I can’t fall offffff, I’m so up right now, I can throw it all right now. Niggas wanna shine like me, but they can’t grind like me, I can’t fall off”. This hook has me feeling motivated. (I’m feeling the Charles Barkley Rockets jersey too).

Dink’s verse is so dope and just has so much heart. I love the resilience of ‘Bitch I can’t fall off, as long as the stove on, big timer motherfucker I get my roll on.’

‘Bangin’ stone after stone that boy in go mode, gettin cream off that ice nigga, Cold Stone.”

And then Rio comes in as the closer throwing 105 MPH heat. “Nigga up the strap on me and bust he gon die shooting, grip the Glock while I grip the wheel I can drive it and shoot it”

“Bitch I can’t fall off I know I said it once, real hustle – I can’t find the Runts I’m bagging Reggies up”

“I can get a bag gone in Kalamazoo, doggie said he want some horse tranquilizer met him at the zoo.”

See the source image

“My nigga Euro keep a laptop he be hacking computers.”

Does Rio ever take a break? No he does not. He’s putting on the whole state here.

The Michigan winter is cold but all 4 of these dudes (not to mention the producer) are firing on all cylinders and bringing some absolute flames.

*Spoiler Alert – I think at this point it’s between Can’t Fall Off and a certain CML song for song of the year on my year end list, with perhaps a dark horse or two still in the mix

Bericcus ft. Rio da Yung OG – Got Testers

This is like the 4th time in a row Rio has linked up with someone I’ve never heard of and made it into pure heat. Rio has the Midas touch except that everything he touches turns into flames. I was actually going to post a different song today but then I saw that this came out today and I was just too hyped about Rio’s verse not to post it instead. My man Ray Garraty is going to have to make another addition to his Rio loosies mix or maybe just wait for a volume 2 soon because this guy never stops. Rio is just relentless – who else can rap like this –

“I just linked up with BC, I ain’t have no cut I hit the powder with some BC, slick nigga, I put the play on Unc they say I’m greazy, .22’s bounce through your body like a P3 (?), back to back to back when we drink red got it on repeat, put your glasses on I’m bout to shoot the Glock in 3D, hit the button, shoot for 20 minutes this an EP, I just bought another pint from my Titi, my nigga doing life he said he good he need a TV, my Arab bought a zip that nigga rich he own a BP.” 

One of the nicest verses/lines I’ve ever heard.

Bericcus sounds like he could be a feared Roman emperor with that name and he has a couple of nice lines here too; “Dodging potholes it’s just me and Ri, real shooters follow niggas home just like TMZ.” That OG Memphis Grizzlies jersey is tough. And I like that these Detroit/Flint rappers are bringing back Timbs.

RMC Mike ft. RLSG KD – What’s Love 

Didn’t even get a chance to post this during the month but this RMC Mike interpretation of ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’ from his ‘Rookie Season’ tape from earlier this year is just too smooth. “Your daddy got knocked out by a fiend ’cause he served him shake.”

RLSG KD kicking some knowledge at the end about not being TOO customer-friendly. This is one field where the old adage ‘the customer is always right’ does not apply.

CML – Drip Drop 

Always-reliable CML getting some of that Cash Money, D-Rock production, and floating over it as you would expect. CML’s hooks are always good enough to find yourself singing along to. “Drip drop, I’m on the tip top, Super Bowl ring with the wrist watch.” I never get tired of rappers comparing their rings to Super Bowl rings.

“Put a rapper in a bag like a gift shop”

Kanye West – On God 

What can I say, this is actually fire. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pierre Bourne snapped on this beat. No feature from Joel Osteen unfortunately but maybe next time. Kanye rides out on this.

ShittyBoyz – Lamb Chops

These guys really, really don’t tolerate any delays or mistakes from restaurant staff, as evidenced in the chorus here and throughout the rest of their catalogue. A little bit of a departure from their usual more upbeat, freestyle-type production but they go hard over this more bleak, dark type of beat. “SB we the hottest in the universe, hit the runts now I’m blade dancing up on Jupiter”

Allstar JR ft. Overlord Scooch – Coutnted Last Night

‘Counted Last Night’ from Allstar JR and one of my all-time favorite rap names Overlord Scooch is just so damn smooth. JR and Scooch both making an appearance for the first time in quite a while on this site going back to last winter. From Allstar JR’s ‘Get a Bag or Go Home 2’ project form this summer. I feel like I could sleep on silky sheets of this sax sample.

Big Colin x Rio da Yung OG – Ghetto Boys

This beat from 1800it is so fucking cold. Even Rio’s young bols are snapping.

It feels refreshing to see someone embrace ‘Big’ as the prefix to their rap name with all these ‘Lil’s’ running around out there.

No homo but I’m kind of feeling this dude Big Colin’s voice. That ‘Drakeo hold 100 like two 50-pound dumbells’ line is so hard.

“2400 that can get you a bow sale, we ain’t breaking shit down we mailing it wholesale.”

“Police hit my crib, and I was madder than a bitch, it was God on my side them bitches didn’t find my stick, they done fucked up my crib tryna find them zips like I told you once befor we ain’t breaking down shit!” I absolutely  love the part at the end where Rio/Colin’s whole crew yells along with Colin as he raps that last line, ‘Like I told you once before we ain’t breaking down shit!’

ShittyBoyz Babytron ft. Allstar JR – Bag Szn

BabyTron and JR over some more of that dope freestyle production that Crimedawgbylaw has been talking about. JR making not just one but two appearances on the list this month! “Left the Glock at the crib? I’ma throw a bomb” just sounds so damn resourceful. I love the “I rap and I punch, Def Jam Vendetta” line Babytron really keeps quotable after quotable up his sleeve.

Rio da Yung OG x Lil E – Touchdown

I’m not sure if this is even a song so much as it’s a conversation between two veterans in the game over a nice beat, but either way, it goes hard and Rio da Yung OG and one of his many cohorts, Lil E, trade some serious bars over ‘Touchdown”. This is off of a new joint project ‘Professional Shit Talking’ with Rio and Lil E, right after Rio also just put out his ‘2 Faced’ tape. I also heard Rio mention somewhere that he has another new project coming out soon called “City on my Back.” Rio’s work ethic is unmatched, he’s like the rap games John Henry, a man outpacing the machines.

“My lil niggas want to kill some opps, I told em stand down.” Lil E is like a wise general, prudently showing some foresight and restraint; playing the long game in the trenches, giving good advice to his young hotheads and telling them to cool down. Frankly the world would probably be a better place if we had more Lil E’s. Between that and “Invest all our money in real estate, fuck a bust down,” I feel like Lil E is one of the most sensible men in rap. And may I just add, it feels refreshing seeing a rapper rocking a hoodie of a local sports team (and a gritty, nasty one at that in Michigan State) instead of some overpriced effeminate-looking designer hoodie.

I loved the “I just dodged a fed case I gotta crack a smile” line, who could argue with that?

“The police hit the crib two times, we bought some more houses”

Rio just goes crazy on this as always; “I got on sandals cooking dope at my hoe’s house, you know this shit finna be good I got my toes out.” So relaxed.

“.308 bullet this bitch’ll go through 4 houses”.

“When I was young I went skating ’cause the hoes was out, I pulled a strap out at the rink and made them roll bounce”. Rio is the grimiest.

ShittyBoyz Babytron ft. Lil Yachty – Lost It 

Even more synthy freestyle production with from Babytron, this time featuring, surprisingly, Lil Yachty. I certainly wasn’t expecting Lil Yachty to be a feature on Babytron’s project and in all honestly I was not expecting to post a song with Lil Yachty on this site in 2019 but here we are. His voice/flow actually adapt pretty nicely to this type of song. Alright Lil Boat I see you out here.