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So Baby and Juve delivered and the full song of this actually came out now.  Juvenile is sounding like he’s at the top of his game; we need him to get back in the studio and at least make one of those 7-track type albums that Kanye was churning out last summer for his artists. I’m welcoming this Cash Money resurgence, it’s a shame BG is still locked up and couldn’t jump onto this with a verse. Not sure who the producer is but this beat knocks hard.

It seems that Birdman’s entire art collection is other famous paintings (or figures) wearing red bandanas, because of course it would be. Also, what’s the deal with this woman at the end of the video that Birdman is trying to put onto art-world game, some type of collector or curator? I wonder what type of art-world knowledge Birdman is lacing her with. Or he may just be trying to hustle her into buying one of his paintings at an inflated price or selling him one of hers that she wants for a lower price BELEEE DAT PLAYBOY.  She’s definitely not one of the video vixens.

P.S. Whose the dude at 3:24 is that Birdman’s older brother Terrance Williams?