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Juvenile ft. Birdman – JAG

This one got not just one post on here but two this month, one for the song itself and one when they teased the sample so it’s only right that Juvenile tops the charts for February. Lmao @ Juve sounding like an old suburban dad talking about how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure in his verse here but it’s actually kind of a wierdly dope line and the chorus sounds beastly. Juve can always make a hit no matter what year it is.

I’m welcoming this Cash Money resurgence, it’s a shame BG is still locked up and couldn’t jump onto this with a verse. As The Martorialist mentioned to me, this is a re-use of the beat from Dope Fiend Beat by Too $hort, I knew as soon as I Youtube’d it and heard the prolonged ‘Biiiiiiiiitch!’

It seems that Birdman’s entire art collection is other famous paintings (or figures) wearing red bandanas, because of course it would be. Also, what’s the deal with this woman at the end of the video that Birdman is trying to put onto art-world game, some type of collector or curator? I wonder what type of art-world knowledge Birdman is lacing her with. Or he may just be trying to hustle her into buying one of his paintings at an inflated price or selling him one of hers that she wants for a lower price BELEEE DAT PLAYBOY.

Chippass, E-40, ALLBLACK – Me 

It’s only right that ALLBLACK and E-40 would finally link up; two off-kilter flowing Bay Area P’s from overlapping but different eras with their own eccentric senses of humor. Even better that these kindred spirits are spitting over this monstrous Bay beat from Sho Nuff. This beat is nasty I can’t wait to put this on full blast in the whip. Add in a verse from the always-reliable Chippass and you’ve got a perfect Tres Amigos track. ALLBLACK is one of the best out right now. You’ve got to love the fact that he’s one of the hottest names in the game but he’s still grateful on every song still humbly thanking everyone for fucking with him. For every E-40 line nowadays that makes you say, “come on E-40” he has a simple but dope line like “If I go broke I’m selling the car that I’m driving” or “If you jump ship there ain’t no getting back on my boat.” ALLBLACK’s whole verse is filthy as you’d come to expect at this point.

38 Spesh ft. Eto – Flour City 

I know we might be killing the previous vibe jumping from sunny, bouncy Bay Area beats and beat jacks to grimey, wintertime east-coast Timbs and keeping a gun in your Carhartt jacket here but in the words of Pimp C it just be like that sometimes. We’re renaissance men over here. Rochester NY’s 38 Spesh and Eto team up to kill this one. I didn’t realize the city of Rochester had so much rap talent. 38 Spesh did a great project with Kool G Rap and one with Benny, and has a couple of his own solo tapes out over the last few months that I still need to check out in full (I love that he’s wearing a hoodie with one of the graphics from that album/his own album). Meanwhile Eto recently released a short project with V-Don which was pretty good and just released his album ‘Hell’s Roof’ yesterday, I started listening to it last night and am excited to really give it a full listen today because it sounded sick so far.

I wasn’t feeling the beat here much at first and was just listening to it for the flames from Eto and .38 but now that I’ve bumped this about 100 times the beat has really grown on me and it’s perfect for this type of song. I may be wrong but I believe 38 Spesh actually produced it himself. Eto really brings it on this one I keep rewinding this beginning again and again ‘Squeeze fire, two strikes out, three priors, you grew when you went from the toasters to deep friers, can’t keep niggas afloat, I need divers, can’t keep grips in my coat, no revivers.”

I’m ready to circle the wagons on this appropriately snowy weekend here in the Northeast and give Hell’s Roof a serious listen.

Flame Blazin x Shotgun Quannie – Regardless

TOO… MUCH… HEAT… from Newport News, Virginia’s Flame Blazin’. I’m kind of cheating here because I only heard this song yesterday so it’s probably more for top 10 songs for March but I can’t stop playing it and couldn’t keep it off this list. Flame and Shotgun Quannie trading verses back and forth is so dope, ‘We’ve got too many guns, we gon go to jail, chill bro we got money for bail, we got too many bodies we gon go to hell. Fuck a judge he can get it as well.’

Bloody Jay ft. Lil Boosie – Thug My Way / Bloody Jay – Seen it All / Bloody Jay – Foot on they Neck 

Was meaning to do a full post about the new Bloody Jay project but time got the best of me and it’s already March before I realized it so figured I might as well put these into my February top 10 instead. The tape, Real Forever, which a newly-free post-prison Bloody Jay recently released, is really good. I always felt like Bloody Jay was a sort of unsung predecessor to these singing Atlanta rappers that never got the credit he deserved, maybe the powers that be felt that he just wasn’t as marketable as someone like a Lil Baby, but go back and check out his Black Portland mixtape with Young Thug if you haven’t, or my favorite Bloody Jay song, ‘Get it in Blood‘ and maybe you can kind of see where I’m coming from.

Back to ‘Real Forever’ i.e. the current Bloody Jay, and there are a lot of bangers on this one. These are my 3 favorites. I love Boosie’s line on ‘Thug My Way’ where he says ‘Me and Tupac the only pictures in my studio’. The intro, Seen it All, went hard and the Bigga Rankin intro in the beginning had me surprisingly hyped for it, like I was listening to some mid-2000s mixtape. I also loved the ‘Red zoooonnne’ ad lib on it. “You know how I’m comin, ABG We bangin’ like we straight outta Compton.” I was unexpectedly into the ‘You gon think it’s raining bullets from the sky, dog’ on Foot on they Neck, because it sounds like it should be kind of dumb, but it sounds dope when Bloody Jay says it. Side note I was NOT expecting to hear a reference to Goldberg from WCW in a rap song in 2019 but it happened on Foot on they Neck.

Offset Jim – No Pressure

Saw this one on Ray Garraty a couple weeks back. I remember seeing this guy in those Thizzler end of the year cypher videos too. This beat is so crunchy and ALLBLACK’s homie acquits himself nicely here. “Knock a nigga’s lights out like I’m Tyson, ten niggas ten straps we ain’t fighting.” I love the look on his face and the dismissive wave of the hand when he informs you that ‘we ain’t fighting’. I’m always down for an ALLBLACK cameo in a video and here he’s styling in that black Chris Webber jersey. Would it be too bold of a claim to say Offset Jim > Offset from Migos at this point in time?

The Click – Scandalous/E-40 ft. Bo Rock – Things’ll Never Change 

Was listening to a whole bunch of old mid-90’s E-40 this month, maybe spurred by hearing the aforementioned ‘Me’. Scandalous has been an old, long-time favorite of mine ever since stumbling across an incredible remix of it by DJ Screw years ago, whereas Things’ll Never Change is brand new to me. I never knew 40 had his own version of Tupac’s ‘Changes’ using the same sample that came out around the same time! It’s a touching, heartfelt and heavy song by E-40 and I’d venture to say a bit more pessimistic than Tupac’s version, touching on problems both personal like him being beaten as a child by his parents and struggling to find a job as a young man, to the societal like domestic violence and suicide. It also slows down the beat a bit compared to how Pac used it. Sometimes it’s nice to just take a step back and appreciate the geniuses!

Bizzy Bone – Carbon Monoxide 

These overly long-ass video intros are a trend I’d like to see die down, and this one SPECIFICALLY was super annoying. This one specifically was really annoying. BUT that being said, the song itself was actually a lot doper than I expected; Bizzy Bone has definitley still got it in 2019 and really brought some heat on this one. His various flows he breaks out are all on point and he has a lot of good lines here, the beat was nasty too. My favorite part is him saying that the Migos get a lot of streams but streams barely pay anything, which is basically him gloating that he rapped in an earlier time, it’s obviously not Migos fault that the music industry collapsed and you can’t make millions selling CDs anymore, so it’s kind of an unfair taunt but that’s what makes it so evil, which is what Bizzy is going for. The video was actually kind of cool too with all the old clips once you get past the intro.

DJ Screw – Comin Out (Diana Ross)

The treatment that Screw gives this is truly something to behold.

Nipsey Hussle ft. Roddy Ricch, Hit-Boy

Nipsey’s Victory Lap from last February was one of last year’s best albums so it was nice to get a new joint from him this month. Nice chorus from Roddy Ricch here too.