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It’s October but before I can start handing out all kinds of spooky treats for the new month I have to post my belated top 10 songs for September. I didn’t realize I didn’t post as much as I thought in September so a bunch of these would have normally had their own entry. After a kind of lackluster August it was a great September

Sauce Walka – Ghetto Gospel 

This is Sauce Walka at his downright, well, sauciest. Spitting some real knowledge/life experience over a shimmery beat apparently from Kingdom Hearts (and French Montana). I can’t blame him for having his mind on boudan; and all this talk of boudan has got me feeling like I’m Kevin Belton. This edges out a couple of Lil AJ songs and a couple of Rich the Factors for song of September for me and it’s too early to say but definitley could be in the mix for a song of the year contender.

Lil AJ ft. Clyde Carson – Stay with Me 

Come on this needs more than 200 views. A typically solid, yeoman effort from Lil AJ off of his new ‘Lash Money 4’ mixtape. You always know what you’re going to get with Lil AJ, nothing crazy but just solid, workman-like bay area rap. The hook from Clyde Carson is great too and I love the synthy beat. There are a couple of other slaps on this tape, my other favorites aside from this one were ‘Livin’ with cameos from Lil Blood and Joe Blow and the Nef the Pharaoh-assisted ‘Pain.’ Overall a solid mixtape from Lil AJ. Side note – is it just me or have these mid-level Bay rappers like AJ/Joe Blow been talking about trips to the UK in every other song lately?

Lil AJ ft. Joe Blow, Lil Blood – Livin’ 

Speaking of Joe Blow and overseas travel… another highlight from Lash Money 4. This is more like it with 50,000+ views. I love Joe Blow’s not so humble boast stating that his landscaping bill costs more than his enemies’ entire mortgage. I’m not sure if that’s a product of Blow really balling out on landscaping or his enemies just sensibly not taking on more house than they can afford. Lil Blood was an entertaining addition here as always.

Philthy Rich & Cookie Money ft. Prezi, T-Rell – U Ain’t 

Great song closing out the new Philthy Rich/Cookie Money collaboration. You’ve got a nice hook from Prezi and Philthy Rich talking about hosting charity basketball games but nobody cheering for him, what else do you need? But my favorite part here is Cookie Money’s verse especially this line, “8 years old, Daddy fighting fed cases. Left on the block, Cookie chasing dead faces. They ain’t really in the streets bruh these niggas faking, (??) with a Glock I put my trust in Satan.”

Rich the Factor – Do it Gooba 

The unmistakably slappy intro to CEO of the Blacktop and tied for my favorite song on it with Pay me in Blow and Flashy depending on what kind of mood I’m in. Rich might be in New York, hitting the go gos, but he’s seen it all before so he’s taking it easy, taking it all in but staying fresh for his business meeting the next morning.

“I’m on south beach right by the coast. Pushing a speed boat looking at dolphins, having money nigga fuck what it costing.” That’s quintessential El Factor right there. I love ‘having money’ as a verb.

Rich the Factor – Flashy

Another slap from Rich the Factor. I saw Sislafami talking about this one a while ago and for some reason I listened to CEO of the Blacktop 2 before I  ever checked out CEO of the Blacktop which came out a few months before, but I ended up bumping it in its entirety probably about a dozen times this month. The whole tape is so good. This is textbook Rich the Factor right here, chilling at a gas station in his black tee. “I’ve been getting money with my proteges, I’m up in Foot Action with my proteges.” It looks like this video is in Houston and not Kansas City but Rich gets love down there too. Really the only thing i DON’T like about this video is that broken-in-half cup from the gas station he’s walking around with for his ashes, I get OCD about my gas station glassware and something about it keeps bothering me!

Rich the Factor – Pay me in Blow 

This is the triumphant/celebrating with his crew type song off of CEO of the Blacktop. I love the idea of The Factor walking into a bar and a bunch of different fine women literally falling over each other for the honor of buying him a drink. Also, don’t think that Rich is just a Kansas City or Midwest rapper, he’s rocking his mink coat all the way out in Anchorage, Alaska on tour. “We independent but compete with the majors; fuck a diss song we get to the meat and potatas. 100 years later still playing the playa. ”

Money Man – My Socks

Cool song off the new Money Man EP; I have to start listening to more Money Man.

Sherwood Marty ft. Trapboy Freddy – Ticket 

“Trap fashion my attire, $200,000 in the tire”

Good collab from two up and coming youngsters from Louisiana and Dallas. Trapboy Freddy repping Mexico super hard here. Pause but does anyone know what kind of jeans those are that Sherwood Marty is rocking with the stripe on the side?

The Jacka & Ampichino, Joe Blow, Cellski – Pain Disappear

Probably my favorite song off of that posthumous Jacka/Ampichino project that came out in August. Beat and hook were so on point. Also – a SECOND Joe Blow cameo on this month’s top 10 list! RIP to the Jacka!

Kevin Gates – Shakin Back 

Alright this is cheating because it’s an 11th song and it actually would be towards the top of the list except I only heard it at the very end of the month and I’m posting this in October. This is the finished version of that en fuego snippet Gates posted on Instagram that I was writing about in May.  Sadly a bunch of those look like they’re gone from Instagram now and a couple of them don’t seem to be on Luca Brasi 3 so they may be lost in the sands of time. But thankfully with this one, Gates didn’t pull his best Big Choo impression and tease it for a year and a half to torment the Martorialist.