Can this snippet PLEASE come out as a full-length/CDQ song soon?? Gates is in another place right now. People are talking about Kanye being in another world cooking up his plethora of albums in Wyoming but how about this magic that post-prison Kevin Gates is whipping up down in Louisiana? “If I can pray there I can stay there I ain’t scared of nothing, your grandma stay there you don’t lay there boy you scared to hustle.” “I’m pissing clean for my P.O. I’m a living legend. Straight out the clink, fuck every CO who wanna come at Kevin.” “White people showing love, niggas hating on me, say they got a cake baked and they waiting on me.” “I pray five times a day I had to talk to God, in Chicago going hard without a bodyguard.”

And for those who prefer Kevin Gates the singer to Kevin Gates as a rapper, his warbling is sounding as nice as ever in this second one. I’m feeling the beat for this one a lot. “Change Lanes” and “Vouch” off of his new 3-song EP are both two of my new current favorites in my rotation. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these snippets turn into album cuts along with Vouch and Change Lanes and we could have a classic on our hands.