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Lil Flip – Freestyle on BayBay Show K104 FM

20 years later and The Leprechaun has still got it!

It takes a minute or so to get going but once Lil Flip hits his stride he burns down this freestyle over the G-Eazy ‘No Limit’ beat, which is awesome, because the beat isn’t bad but I can’t stand the actual song or most of the artists on it. Just replace them all with Lil Flip and the chorus to Bay Bay marching in place yelling ‘Rock with us and get some money’ like in the video. Side note – I love how hyped up BayBay gets for this freestyle, and his antics that go along with it like acting like he’s riding a motorcycle or sprinting like a track star.

“I be in these Texas streets. Last night, threw 500 at XTC!”

“I still do this for Pimp and Fat Pat, free Twisted Black, and I’m still here, in a white Wraith looking like veneers, cheers, I used to shop at Sears, now I appear in movies like Richard Gere. One million wasn’t enough I had to get 3. I tell ’em smoke something B, that’s for Pimp C, I’m an underground king like Bun B, 25 choppers if you jump me.”

“The Wraith paid off, the Bentley truck next, you ain’t nothing man you know we rep Tex. Man this is H-Town, the real H-Town, if rap don’t work we got bricks on the Greyhound. 25 lighters on my dresser, yessir, you ain’t smoking gas like a Tesla. This a freestyle dog I ain’t write this. If you gon pimp dog, you better get a white chick.” (The real H-Town line was my favorite of the song but I couldn’t pass up the Sears/Richard Gere line as the title of this post just because of how ridiculous it is).

I love the look on Bay Bay’s face when Flip says ‘Shoot you and then give it to Bay Bay now that’s a flea flicker’ he looks like he’s excited but then he’s like ‘Oh wait a minute I don’t want to be holding this’ lmao. “Wooooo!”

I also like all the Texas/Houston pride here from the shoutouts to departed Texas legends like Pimp C and Fat Pat and imprisoned ones like Twisted Black, to naming restaurants like Ojos Locos and local streets in Dallas plus of course about a half dozen Houston and Dallas strip clubs, of course. The Houston Rockets t shirt is sick too.

I love all these OG’s in the game dropping stuff lately to show that they’re still a force to be reckoned with. The mix of Flip’s great voice and clever punch lines mixed with his high level of Texas/Houston pride and local references makes this a dope and memorable addition to the canon.