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OuttaTown ft. Gucci Mane – Yamaguchi

There’s just something hilarious but simultaneously amazing that I can def get behind about a group of otherwise tough-looking grown-ass men yelling about how they’re Kristi Yamaguchi, a petite, female Asian-American figure skater of ’92 Winter Olympics fame. I love how this video just comes out swinging full force, with OuttaTown and his cohorts wasting no time, already rocking out yelling the anthemic chorus as soon as the video starts. I feel like it would have been more convenient and perhaps more macho to just use an NHL player’s name for the chorus/title to serve the purpose of showing how icy they are but using Yamagucchi just makes it even more over the top ridiculous. (One question based on the chorus – why is Yamaguchi ‘what these niggas don’t like’? I feel like she cut a fairly innocuous and uncontroversial public persona). I also like the fact that Yamaguchi sounds kind of like ‘I’m a Gucci’ or at least rhymes with Gucci’s first name.

Also of note… Who is the guy on the right at 0:23???

I love the dance move OuttaTown executes at about 1:05 as he lets you know, “This is real life, this is not a movie. Skating on this ice – KRISTINA YAMAGUCHI” as well as the dramatic shot of him and Gucci marching down the hallway after.

There’s few things better than seeing Gucci make an unexpected cameo in a video with a rapper you’re not expecting to see him with, and he doesn’t disappoint here. Gucci’s sweater game/wardrobe is perhaps more on-point than ever, with this stylish narco-chic sweather with a needlepoint depiction of the Virgin Mary and of course an appropriate amount of icy jewelery befitting a song mainly about how icy he and OuttaTown are.

All comedic value aside, Yamaguchi bumps really hard and is a perfect song to blast from the car. OuttaTown has a nice Gucci-assisted hit here to follow up on his banger 2 Sistas with FMB DZ from a couple of months ago. I first heard this a couple of weeks ago just clicking around and largely forgot about it, but then woke up this morning with the chorus in my head and now I can’t stop listening to it.