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FMB DZ – All the Smoke 

FMB DZ comes out firing on ‘All the Smoke’ off of his new mixtape ‘The Gift’ just bringing the heat verse after verse. A perfect Yuletide gift indeed from a gun-wielding Santa Clause who never takes his Cartiers off …

“Nigga ain’t my man if he ain’t riding with me, I fuck with the BandGang I got Mas with me. My nigga (?) got a sleeve and a 550, I got popped I could have died I had God with me. A nigga gotta die if a nigga want beef. Free my nigga 80’s I’m good in the East. You know this bitch a classic with Ant on the beat. Niggas know that I’m gonna shoot so they pass it to me.”

“You’ve got guns I got guns we can shoot it out. I’m aiming for a nigga’s head I ain’t killing clouds. Lord forgive me always been a wild child, two FNs and two chopsticks cost me five thou. Nigga telling me I’m next bitch I’m up now, I’m in Houston making plays bitch I feel like Yao.”

“Put a nigga on your block so we can find the house, firebomb will chop y’all down while you’re running out”

‘Washington DZ’ was already one of the best mixtapes of the year and now FMB DZ beats the shot clock right before the end of the year and the holidays with another very impressive project under his belt. The Detroit rapper is on a ridiculous run lately, with about a year’s worth of slaps for a normal artist in just the last few weeks, including ‘Back to Back‘ with frequent collaborator Tay B, the Joseph McFashion-compiled ‘Raw 2’ in October to follow up on the success of ‘Raw‘, and ‘On Go’ which is still only a couple of months old. I have to listen to ‘The Gift’ a couple of more times over the next few days but so far it definitley is one of the strongest projects of the year giving FMB DZ two of the top albums/tapes of 2017. I’m looking forward to seeing him keep the pressure up in 2018!