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PC Tweezie ft. Vandam Bodyslam – Lost Key

Last time around I was talking about PC Tweezie’s ‘Really,’ a breath of fresh air that takes us back to the days of club bangers like ‘Knuck if You Buck’ that made you want to start throwing ‘bos in the club even if you had never been to one at that point in life. Tweezie raps about punching dudes, hitting the gas if he gets pulled over, and ‘dragging hoes by they extensions,’ while in the video he menacingly swaggers around the prison literally taking food off of other inmate’s plates. I checked out the rest of his work including his newest project Mouf of da Souf and in another highlight track, ‘Lost Key,’ he takes that imagery a step further with one of my favorite lines I’ve heard in a while…

“Don’t call me a rapper I’m a convict, the Mac in the back come with a drum kit, in prison I was beating up niggas snatching they drumsticks”

I enjoy Tweezie’s ‘king of the hill’ type imagery here; you might be a bad MF since you’re in prison but he’s worse so you’d better show respect.

He and his labelmate Vandam Bodyslam really just snap for the whole song…

“Lost Key the mob we catching bodies if you play with us, keep them K’s with us, free my nigga Brassa I can’t make this up, paper chasin, I’m thumbin through a check getting paper cuts.”

I actually don’t know much about Vandam Bodyslam besides that he’s also from Florida and has a pretty ridiculous name, he’s part of Tweezie’s Lost Key movement, and he absolutely slaughters the First Day Out beat on Instagram, but I want to find out more…


This is purely wishful thinking on my part/I have no basis for saying this but being that he mentions being locked up, I like the idea of he and PC Tweezie meeting in a Florida prison and then deciding to join forces and take over the rap game upon their release, in sort of a ‘getting the band back together’ type thing where they’re like ‘Hey we already took over the prison, how hard could it be to take over the rap game?’

I’m definitely interested in checking out ‘Back to the Old Me 2’ when it comes out. Lost Key is quickly becoming one of my favorite camps in the rap game right now.