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PC Tweezie – Really

PC Tweezie’s got me ready to fight people at the club with this one, and I don’t even really go to the club. This song goes too hard. There’s nothing overly-complicated or subtle here; Problem Child Tweezie just comes in and throws haymakers in a straight up tour de force. It’s not physically possible to put this on in your car and not start speeding.

PC Tweezie opens strong and makes his presence felt right away, pummeling the opening verse, “I was really in the trenches with them wolves, I really tote a .30 hit the gas if I get pulled. I’ll really beat your ass run up on you like a bull, I’m really getting fat them hos say I’m getting full.” I love everything about this verse –  The hit the gas if I get pulled line just sounds badass AF, while in the days of rappers talking about their nose rings and desinger messenger bags it just feels refreshing to hear PC Tweezie rap about doling out a good old-fashioned beating and literally taking food off of other inmate’s plates. Lastly, I definitely respect that his hos are admiring his weight gain, because usually when I put on some extra pounds I end up just getting fat-shamed into jogging so he definitely has some serious clout.

In possibly my favorite rhyme of ‘extension’ and ‘extension’ ever, Tweezie deftly deploys it in two different usages and some pretty evocative imagery that shows he’s absolutely not fucking around: “I really keep a 40 glock that came with the extensions, I’m quick to bat a bitch and drag a ho by the extensions.” (Made even better by the ‘I’m silly’ ad lib right after).

So many other hard lines…

“I’m really bout to set the record straight. I’m really from the gutter food stamps section 8. I really did time 6 years 30 days. I’m really slangin iron you can check my resume.”

‘I really got a chopper in the rental. I really try to kill ya I ain’t shooting out the window.”

(*Another low key and easy to overlook highlight of the video is the newspaper headline “Tensions Rise in Local Prison” with the byline “PC’s First Day in Lockup Didn’t Go So Well for the Other Inmates”. )

Florida really is quietly perhaps the most diverse and underappreciated state for rap; you have everything from Kodak to guys like Lil Pump and Smokepurp to of course wing mogul Rick Ross, and everything in between, and now we can add Riviera Beach’s PC Tweezie to the list. I’m looking forward to listening to both of his mixtapes and some of his other stuff as well as some of the other guys from his Lost Key Records squad.