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There are few greater pleasures in life than two of your favorite up and coming rappers unexpectedly coming together to link up for a new track (OK, I can think of a few, but you know what I mean). OMB Peezy has quietly become arguably the king of the blogosphere this year and Yhung T.O has been making plenty of noise of his own both as a part of SOB X RBE and increasingly as a solo artist. His solo debut On My Momma from May was a pretty dope project. Sometimes when two artists you like link up for a track the end result doesn’t live up to the sum of its parts, but ‘Try Sumthin’ is an exception as it’s definitely a slap.

A couple of notes and thoughts on this one…

  • The ‘Sick Wid It Records’ chain with the pig greedily eating money out of a trough is one of the coldest chains in the rap game (also as a side note, how much momentum does Sick Wid It have right now, with OMB Peezy AND Nef the Pharaoh? They’re like the rap game Golden State Warriors with E40 in the background as like a wizened player-coach.)
  • The abandoned gas station setting for the video looks so dystopian and sick
  • The bouncy, melodic beat for this one slaps so hard
  • Alright Peezy I see you in those Jordan 13’s
  • I love the red and gold box Chevy (Wow we’re only 19 seconds into the video and already 5 things that I liked)
  • I have no idea what that sweatshirt with the cat on it that Yhung T.O is wearing is but I’m kind of feeling it (This site is really starting to inadvertently feel like a rap fashion blog these days!)
  • OMB Peezy – “F*ck all of that typing/twitter beefing b*tch I’m pulling up, playa sh*t, eating steak and shrimp it got me full as f*ck” hell yeah
  • I like the way Yhung T.O’s voice/flow kind of changes the vibe a bit, his voice goes well with the beat
  • Yhung T.O – “Ain’t no sympathy for no opps nigga, glock .23 with air holes for a hot nigga” this song is hard af
  • Cameo from Da Boii from SOB X RBE!

These guys just keep getting better and better and are already two of the best artists out right now