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I’m not sure which I love more, the way he exhaustedly proclaims ‘ahh-damn’ as his trademark ad-lib before every song, or the fact that he’s proudly rocking pink dreads, but Adamn Killa is quickly rising up in our power rankings. The Roseland Baby has been getting gloriously wierd on us for a while now; the first time I ever saw/heard of him it was in his ‘Saddler’ video from a couple of years ago where he’s nonchalantly riding around on a horse, but his wierd trippiness has reached a new zenith here on his excellent new album “I Am Adamn”. I went into this one with moderately high expectations but it definitely exceeded them and it’s surprisingly become one of my favorites of 2017 thus far. Adamn hails from the Windy City, but you really can’t compare him to any of his fellow Chi-raqis.  “Turtle Feet” has a crazy beat that really draws you in and stays in your head afterwards, I like how each note is split into two separate sounds. Adamn almost reminds me of a more fun/less world-weary Future on ‘Turtle Feet’ and throughout the album. With the rise of guys ranging from Famous Dex to Lil Uzi Vert to Lil Peep, it seems like wierd is the new cool these days and every up and coming artist wants to be wierd, but Adamn can genuinely pull it off.

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