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This little minute and thirty second overlooked masterpiece that Jim Jones threw together is from after Dipset’s glory years were in the rear-view mirror and from about 7 years ago but it’s such a fun, real, captivating 1:30 song that I wanted to pay some quick homage to it this morning. For some reason sunbconsciously this song always reminds me of spring time and with the snow finally melting in NYC this weekend and me breaking out my Jordan slides for the first time in quite a while, it felt like the perfect time to take it out for a spin, and it still holds up really well 7 years later.

The minimal beat in the beginning works perfectly here and I love the simple, staccato flow Jimmy opens with, “Air 1’s/Chain gang/King Davey, chain swing/paparazzi, what the fame bring/we wear guns, bang bang/we hustle hard, got cane wings/Mama’s Fried, plain wings’. Is there anything more Harlem and NYC in general than shooting almost the entire video inside a bodega and in front of a newsstand? The oft-forgotten Sen City kills it on the very short chorus, ‘Can’t tell me bout no hustling, I’m stunting on these broads, Super Bowl ring cost a little something, what you pay for yours?’ I love the idea of Jimmy, Max, Sen City etc. just literally walking around their neighborhood with Super Bowl rings, or at least comparing their own gaudy rings to Super Bowl rings. You’ve also gotta love the shout out to Lenox Ave’s famous ‘Mama’s Fried’.

A couple of other little odds and ends of note in this video, I’m not sure, but is that Max B clowning around in the Diamondbacks hat in the background multiple times? Or just a lookalike? If so, it must be shortly before he got locked up. Or perhaps the video was shot before then and came out after, since it is around the same time period. Either way, you can definitely hear Max’s influence on both Sen City’s hook and Jim’s verse in the beginning, it’s just too bad that he didn’t get to  put a quick verse or hook on this too, that would have REALLY put this song over the top.

Also, do any readers know what the story is with the necklace that Jim shows at 0:15 in the video is when he says ‘King Davey, chain swing’? And, also, is it the guy in that picture the same guy that appears at 0:33 in the video??

Lastly, I forgot all about the brief time when Jim Jones made wearing those chains on your wallet popular again (0:13), which had previously basically been exclusively the domain of kids in middle school who listened to Slipknot.

While this classic hasn’t gotten the acclaim it deserves, you just have to scroll down in the Youtube comments and see how many of the real fans are saying ‘Still watching in 2016’ or ‘Still bumping this in 2017’! I have a feeling there will still be people bumping this well into the future