Slick – Office G Mix

My man SLICK is a fool for this one! I’m absolutely loving this. A+ for the choreography/acting here, I would definitley work in this office just making cold calls with a real hustler like Slick.

But it’s not just the gimmick/novelty of the beat/imagery, Slick is spitting some fire here…

“Don’t come to my hood and get blew on, I don’t got an attitude when I got this Rude on”

“Fuck your last nigga that nigga a cornball, paintings all in my house like Andy Warhol”

“I be grinidng like there’s two but there’s one of me, you’re only mad cause you ain’t financially when you want to be”

“Woke up in the morning like life’s crazy, gallery pants with the splatter cost $980”

“My fiend scared of pitbulls but he said bring that dog with him, a nigga play with RTF he better bring God with him”

I love the imagination/imagery of the lines about the fiends i.e. “My fiend 57 with a mullet like Joe Dirt, before I ask for help I went and hit the road first” ‘or “I used to be fucked up, on zero, watching my fiends’ kids play Guitar hero”

I found this off a co-sign from Lil Chicken, I feel like this needs to blow up. With under 500 views right now this might be the most undervalued track of 2021. And I’ll go out on a limb and say this is the best Pittsburgh song since Black and Yellow.

I’m feeling the message at the end too

P.S. I like how this came out now 9 years after the Office ended in the U.S., I’m picturing Slick sitting in the trap discovering the reruns on Netflix lmao