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Cashclick Boog – Mess Flo

I’m a little late on this but damn this is some serious heat from Cash Click Boog, maybe the best artist in the game. Shout out to Ray Garraty for carrying the Cash Click Boog torch while I’ve been slacking.

This production is super harsh and perfect for Boog to break out his Mess Flo on. This might be my nominee for hardest track of 2021 so far almost halfway through it.

“In the crib it ain’t shit but money counters beeping, in my Canadian Goose it’s money counting season. Dilla said bro it’s time to move out your region, but I’m proteting my house – on the south we beefing” I love the idea of Boog just chilling in his house, wearing a Canadian goose in the air conditioner, while it’s dead silent aside from multiple money counters counting up

“Every gun I buy plastic, I got something against metal. The last nigga I dropped, he had something against Redbull, sent some niggas up top for the love of my ghetto” I love the casual imagery of that Boog dropped him because he had something against Redbull, not even anything specific.

“Walked right up in the rap game, the door was open”

“Supreme hoodie off the Bread 11s the retros, squeeze everything out the mac 11 and let go, the only way out this shit is death or Death Row, I know the gang don’t love me I’m still banging the set though