DMX – Slippin (1998)

Rest in power Dark Man X. The soul of a true modern day poet. “To live is to suffer. To survive is to find meaning in the suffering.”

This isn’t the type of paint by numbers hit from the record label you can just throw together in the studio, this is the oddyssey of someone who has been down a long road in life putting pen to paper and turning their experiences into a true work of art. Slippin hits harder than almost any other song that comes to mind, ‘How We Be’ was ‘concept’ music that a poet laureate could spend their whole career trying to create and then of course bangers like Where the Hood At or Ruff Ryders Anthem are classics that could get any party, with a huge array of ages and demographics started, or actually not just started but also particularly out of hand. DMX was the troubled but resilient soul of a wandering poet, truly a modern day master of his craft and artistic genius.

RIP to a real one.