79rs Gang – 79rs Bout to Blow

This should really read happy Fat Tuesday but I was too late to post yesterday – actually not only am I a day late, I am an entire YEAR late because I missed this 79ers Gang wave that The Martorialist AND Crimedawgbylaw both generously tried to make me aware of last year. I even read Martorialist’s post on it and we may never know why but for whatever reason I never clicked the play button – arguably one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made to date because this is a legit Mardi Gras choon and a half.

Fast forward in time and I see Crimedawg has it as his #6 song for 2020 and it was high on Martorialist’s list as well so I decided I needed to finally go back in time and see what I was missing. All I can say is that this is fire and without much else going on and lockdowns and bleak weather persisting, what a perfect way to celebrate Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras, just imagining I’m marching through the 7th and 9th with Big Chief Jermaine and Big Chief Romeo. I’m loving the beat with the live instruments, the hook goes, first verse is fire, second verse is fire, and you know what – I’m also loving the positive subject matter.

“I’m a young big G from down in New Orleans, and I be ringing them drums and them tambourines, I use needle and thread to sew my soul, on the Mardi Gras morning I be all brand new”

“I’ma rep the 9th ward til I’m six feet deep, but I be repping 79ers when I’m running the streets”

I can absolutely relate to Big Chief Jermane walking around the neighborhood and musing “Walk around the 7th ward got a lot on my mind, got a lot of stuff to do but I ain’t got time.”