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Favorite songs from a month where I went from YN Jay and the Flint boys to Charlie Wilson to 21 Savage and Morgan Freeman and back again. I’m super late posting this for October now because life has been getting brazy but I have a bunch of new songs I want to get to so might as well post this first.

21 Savage x Metro Boomin – Runnin (2020)
Charlie Wilson – One I Got (2020)
21 Savage x Metro Boomin x Morgan Freeman – Intro (2020)
Lil Yachty x Rio da Yung OG x Veeze x RMC Mike x Louie Ray x Grindhard E – Run Down (2020)
YN Jay – Nicki Minaj (2020)
21 Savage x Metro Boomin ft. Drake – Mr. Right Now (2020)
21 Savage x Metro Boomin – Steppin on Niggas (2020)
Drake ft. Lil Durk – Laugh Now Cry Later (2020)
Lil Yachty x Krispy Life Kidd – Krispy Boat (2020)

21 Savage x Metro Boomin – Runnin

I’m hella late on this but you’ll have to forgive me because life has been brazy lately. Better late than never!

Like I said in my last post, this feels like a fucking movie! I’m loving the foreboding beat and the evil laugh in the beginning. As my brother pointed out, Savage’s half-assed ‘running’ dance move also just adds to the overall dark vibe here somehow; if I was doing it it would not look remotely intimidating but he somehow makes it sinister.

“I’M SLAUGHTER GANG P*SSY, YOU KNOW I BOUGHT MY KNIFE” I love Savage’s sporadic but consistent messaging over the years going back to his earlier tapes that you know he has his knife on him/that he brought his knife because he’s Slaughter Gang; all rappers talk about keeping their strap with them but something about always having your knife on you just sounds even grimier. I’m feeling Metro Boomin’s knife dance move when he says it too.

“2016 we was running around beating niggas up in the club”



“All that pillow talk I’ma have to send the boogie man come and get you”

I hate the sample that they play at the end of this/beginning of the next track on the album but I’m glad that Morgan Freeman drops plenty of jewels throughout to make up for it. Like I said in my last post, my brother nailed it when he said they got Morgan Freeman going from narrating March of the Penguins and Nat Geo’s “God” to talking about rats and snitches on a trap album; these guys are winning. I don’t listen to a ton of mainstream rap these days as you obviously know if you read this site but I have to give 21 Savage credit, this whole album feels like a movie. This is the first album I’ve listened to in a while that felt like an ‘event’ to me and we could certainly use that in 2020.

This was a dope concept for a video too, to bring the Grammy back to the hood.

Charlie Wilson – One I Got


Legend in the game.

CW is feeling himself here, see the epic head shake move at 2:20, and you know what, why would he not be? The man is a beast.

(Thank God my wife had the DL Hughley show on in the car last night late at night on the way back from a family party (since you know, I can’t always have Rio da Yung OG or YN Jay on in that situation) so I found out that Charlie Wilson blessed us with this new single this summer.)

All of these fits are on POINT too, some of the young bols in the game could take note

The beginning of the hook about Wilson’s relationship with the ‘one he’s got’ could just as easily apply to Wilson himself; after all this time, it just gets better

I’m feeling this one today as a nice Sunday jam

21 Savage x Metro Boomin x Morgan Freeman – Intro

As my brother said, Morgan Freeman was narrating March of the Penguins and National Geographic’s ‘God’ and now 21 Savage and Metro have him narrating a trap album; if that’s not going big I don’t know what is.

I had kind of stopped checking for 21 Savage tbh but he came back and knocked down the buildings – this whole Savage Mode 2 slaps. This feels like a fucking movie.

I wonder if Morgan Freeman wrote this stuff himself, or if they gave him a general idea of what they wanted him to say, or perhaps best of all (what I hope) is that they all sat around at a table together with a bunch of drinks and chopped it up together to come up with what they wanted.

Lil Yachty x Rio da Yung OG x Veeze x RMC Mike x Louie Ray x Grindhard E – Run Down

Man it seems Yachty really took Hotbox Social’s advice about buying a $75k fixer upper in Flint and staying in town for a while to heart. Seriously, how long has Lil Boat been here for?? CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE BUY THIS MAN AN AUTOWORLD SWEATSHIRT

I’m pleased to see Rio has finally joined him on one of these since he was conspicuous in his absence before this. As an added bonus I love seeing Grindhard E aka Lil E on here since not too long ago it would have been hard to imagine him appearing on a track with Lil Yachty but the whole scene is deservedly leveling up. As Mike says, “Spice talking got the Ghetto Boys moving up the ladder” Perhaps my only regret is no YN Jay this time, but hey I guess he can’t be in all of them.

Yacthy is sounding better than ever and is clearly being influenced by his new Flint cohorts, talking home security “I live on the lake leave the crib and forgot to lock it, it’s okay I got cameras there, and my brother’s sleeping upstairs he’s got hammers there.”

The only guy I wasn’t too familiar with here before this was actually Veeze, and he actually has some fire; “I’ve got bitches selling p*ssy that look like Tyra Banks, I’m rocking Carhartt shooting basketballs like I’m Drake”

“I’ve been sipping dirty water with my Flint niggas, hey Cuz I just made a lot of blues with my Crip niggas, hey Blood I could never be bool with no snitch niggas”

Martorialist won’t like this part but “I’ve been dripping since the Trues with the thick stitching”!

Rio is always cold af “The funeral home will probably run out of dirt if you murk me, if the pastor sold dope I’ll walk into church with a turkey” (2 church references in the same Rio verse!)

RMC Mike never disappoints “Walking through the set with seppys on by Palm Angels, lil bitch been chasing me for years she got strong ankles”

I’m kind of feeling the Washington Nationals hat/Heron shirt combination

P.S. even more fire from Enrgy Beats

P.P.S. Yachty is really taking his artist-in-residency seriously as there is now even Yachty/Krispy Life Kidd collab

YN Jay – Nicki Minaj

I’m feeling this quick hitter off YN Jay’s Coochie Land. Is Nicki Minaj really typing back to YN Jay’s DM? We have no way of knowing for sure, but one thing is for sure – if she’s not, it’s her mistake because Jay is the hottest artist in the game right now.

Dude’s ad lib game is a work of art too.

21 Savage x Metro Boomin ft. Drake – Mr. Right Now

I’m not even going to front, I actually really like this one. Metro Boomin came up with some sick production for this. I could obviously have lived without hearing about Drake’s sex life but it’s Drake what else do you expect. It’s some good feel good music to drive around with in nice weather. However, words can’t explain how much I hate the snippet at the end of this song.

21 Savage x Metro Boomin – Steppin on Niggas

Yet another selection from the 21 Savage/Metro Boomin album; this Eazy E beatjack is tough.

Drake ft. Lil Durk – Laugh Now Cry Later

Two Drake songs in one month? I don’t know maybe I’m getting soft but I like this one too. I wasn’t expecting to hear Lil Durk on a megahit in 2020 but good for him; the part where he swoops in with his verse after Drake sounds sick and works really well because of the contrast. I still am more used to seeing bald Lil Durk than Lil Durk with dreads.

Cardo came through with some heat for this production and I’m glad he’s getting paid.

Could this be the first time Cleveland Browns gear has ever made an appearance in a rap video?

Lil Yachty x Krispy Life Kidd – Krispy Boat

I kind of just love the fact that Yachty is so deep in the Flint rap game now that he’s linking up with Krispy Life Kidd, and that Krispy Life Kidd is about to get a million views on this. That Georgia Tech hat is kind of fire.