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YN Jay x BabyTron x YSR Gramz – Candy Land 

This beat by Marc Boomin, the man behind some of my favorite beats of the last 2 years, has me going absolutely crazy in the house by myself right now. This man needs to start getting more acclaim.

YN Jay’s flow is crazy. Fresh off his surprise hit with ‘Coochie’ and an unexpected collaboration with Lil Yachty who seems to be taking up a residency in the Mitten a la a late career rocker in Vegas, here he is with another slap. I love YN Jay’s voice. “You sittin’ at home in the crib with your kids you the family man, I just pulled up with some doonies in a family van, bitch want me to send her my location we in candy land” I’m kind of feeling the Dallas Cowboys hat. I love the sheer level of disrespect of “Old lady walking cross the street too slow I’m finna hit your granny, I’m the real Coochie Man I’ll hit your granny.” YN Jay was not lying when he coined that moniker for himself.

Is YSR Gramz wearing an Animal Chin t-shirt?? “A nigga playin’ YN Jay nigga I’m gon kill him, FN 57 308’ll knock down a building”

I love the shade for Matt Stafford in his own city lmao

BabyTron is rolling super deep, working with RMC Mike and KrispyLife Kidd a couple of weeks ago and linking up with YN Jay and YSR Gramz here. “Shooters hitting baskets at the funeral we gonna hit his casket”