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Rio da Yung OG x LCF Kari x Big Homie Dada x HBK Teezy – Free Charles 

It feels like it’s been a while since I posted a Rio track on here but that’s probably more because he’s so prolific at this point that it seems like he has a verse in someone else’s video coming out on a daily basis at this point. This one that Ray Garraty posted is actually unquestionably my favorite out of all the recent output. And I’d actually say it’s as much for the verses from the three young bols as it is for Rio’s verse, which you can’t often say about these types of tracks. He may be Rio the Yung OG but here he plays the role of Big Homie Rio. I hope he did this verse for free because these guys earned it.

Literally all three of these kids can REALLY spit. I went from clicking the link just expecting to wait for the Rio verse to being like ‘Alright, alriiiight, first kid can spit’ to ‘Damn this second kid has some bars too’ to ‘Wow this third guy is spitting some absolute flames all three of these young bols are on their game.’ The beat is simple but goes super hard and is perfect for this type of track.

I’m not sure who’s who or if these guys are from Detroit or Flint or somewhere in between but I’m feeling it. All three of these guys have a lot of heart. I want to actually search for some more of their stuff. The first dude’s flow/voice is just like a blunt instrument.

I love the second guy’s verse especially starting with the elongated”Shhhhh I can’t hear these niggas, we’ve got straps why the fuck would we fear these niggas?”

Third dude kills it “Free my baby brother Charles he made 20 down in West V, I done passed niggas to the point where they can’t catch me, I really move the bag tell the plug come and bless me, Glock with a ladder in case an opp try to test me.”

“I went broke and got it back, I don’t cry about them losses”. True hustler right there.

“We the reason these niggas in the house fuck corona, if this loud burn out I’ma drive to Oklahoma.”