Rio da Yung OG – Take a Day 

Rio going the ‘single’ route for presumably the first single off City on My Back. Was wondering what it would sound like if Rio tried to make something a little more poppy, and first results are not bad at all, he still wields that trademark Rio grit and the ridiculously grimey bars but makes it catchy. This reminds me of during Gucci’s rise to the top when Gucci started making stuff that was at home in the streets but that you also would start hearing unexpectedly at a bar/club/party and felt equally at home there.

This beat is fire and the hook is growing on me more each time I play this. We’ve even got Rio breaking out a much-deserved dance move at around 1:11 – when you’ve been torching every track like this for like 6 months now how could you not be feeling yourself?

“Baby you can’t get no money from me don’t make that face. Power-braked the Scat on 8 mile in front of Ace of Spades. Damn, I need another tire. Knocked a nigga’s brains out it look like jambalaya. I threw some water on his shirt he had a fucking wire. Bought a zip of soft for $800 and let my uncle try it.”