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Damjonboi X Coach Joey ft. Allstar JR, TLG Deuce – Catch Up

I was surprised when this came up on my ‘Your Top Songs of 2019’ playlist because I didn’t expect that it was one of my favorite most/heavily listened to songs, but then I realized that it comes on after ‘7 Mile Zoo’ on the mixtape it was on which I was listening to a lot in the spring/summer and I guess I just let it keep playing. In any case I hadn’t taken much note of it at the time but now that I’m hearing it again I’ve given it a new lease on life and I’ve been bumping it all weekend.

My favorite part of this whole thing is Damjonboi’s ‘Red bandana hanging out my pocket. Your bitch came to my hood she thought she was in Bompton.’ Note the ummatched efficiency and economy of Damjonboi’s boast here – “Your bitch pulled up to my hood she thought she was in Bompton.’ In just that one short sentence, Not only has he established that he’s a blood (and in a heavily blood neighborhood nonetheless) – he’s also a blood that’s stolen your girlfriend and she’s coming to his hood to see him.