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Shordie Shordie – Betchua (Bitchuary)

The top song of the month finds your host sitting back eating a bag of crab chips, taking a long, relaxed drag from my Black and Mild taking in this Baltimore rap scene feeling like I’m Prop Joe. Caught this one Betchua (apparently aka Bitchuary) by Shordie Shordie on Crimedawbylaw the other day and haven’t stopped playing it since. This is the hardest song I’ve heard in a minute.

Betchua is going to hit millions of views, or at least it should. Shordie Shordie is a star. So far everyone I’ve showed this too in real life basically for the first 30 seconds or so was like ‘I don’t know about this one’ and then shortly after was nodding along and agreeing that it’s pure fire. Shordie Shordie has the requisite charisma and image that give Betchua the star power needed for a smash hit; Betchua has literally got it all – the song, the dance, the beat, the super catchy chorus, and most importantly it pulls off the difficult tightrope act of simultaneously having something for the ladies but still being something that the hard rocks in the trenches will appreciate, for example “When I leave you be going seeing different faces, when I leave I be fucking bitches different places; still in these streets, I’ve got charges that a nigga facing”. It’s basically the perfect slap for 2019.  I challenge anyone to listen to it and not have it in their head for at least a week afterward.

“I’m in the club drinking Henny with my black and Mild, got my gun in I can wave it and start acting wild, but I won’t do that ’cause I guess that shit is out of style, that’s why I left the club early.” This line really says it all these days.

YNW Melly ft. Fredo Bang – Ingredients 

Basically a 1a and 1b for song of the month because ‘Ingredients’ is up there too.

ure, unadulterated heater off of the YNW Melly album. Another early nominee for song of the year for 2019? Save for a track here and there the entire Melly album is straight heat. I’ve been blasting this all week and I think I played in 9 or 10 times in a row in the car after I first heard it. I’m a total square but I can def see the appeal of bumping this in the car driving away after hitting a lick in Florida. I love the hook here and the beat is nice too. It took me a minute to warm to NBA Youngboy opp extraordinaire Fredo Bang’s part but it’s grown on me more and more and now him stepping up to give his verse is one of my favorite parts of the song. While lyrically it’s pretty run of the mill/mediocre (what exactly does ‘picking that ass apart’ entail anyway? Lol), I’ve grown to appreciate the blunt-instrument quality of his voice/flow that he brings to the track as a foil to Melly.


YNW Melly – Robbery 

Another banger off of the new Melly album. Pure heat. Possibly the most melodic song ever written about robbing? (Although I’m sure readers can come up with a few other candidates). Melly is definitley getting some shine but I’m surprised he isn’t blowing up even more with songs like this and the above.

Shordie Shordie – Pablo 

Another heater off of Shordie Shordie’s fantastically-named ‘Captain Hook’ album. Shordie’s flow to kick this one off is sick. He definitley won’t be a one-hit wonder.

Earl Sweatshirt ft. Navy Blue – The Mint 

I never really checked out or got into Earl Sweatshirt or any of these guys over the years, but I finally gave in and checked this out after seeing it on a bunch of year end lists and seeing a lot of positive reviews for Some Rap Songs, and I have to admit, this was just as dope as everyone was saying. Earl’s flow on this was sick. I ended up listening to the album probably 8 or 9 times in a row over the course of the long MLK weekend, it was only 24 minutes or so but it was definitley a captivating album. I also really liked ‘Ontheway!’ and ‘The Bends’ on here.

DB Tha General ft. Mistah FAB – Dope Era  

Got this one from Rap Music Hysteria’s Best of 2018, just one of many gems on there. Beat is so sick. DB is always reliable and I’m never opposed to some new Mistah FAB. I’m still wondering why DB keeps yelling that he’s Brutha Man, Fifth Floor, like the Martin character but whatever I’m down with it.

JPEGMAFIA – Panic Emoji

As you can probably see by now I’ve been getting into some wierd stuff over the past month. Actually, let me rephrase, I’ve been getting into a lot of Baltimore stuff and a lot of wierd/’artistic’/avant garde type rap which I’m not usually into but for some reason I’ve been feeling in January. I finally checked out JPEGMAFIA for the first time, after seeing him on a lot of people’s Year End lists, and I had no idea what to expect with ‘Peggy’ i.e. I had no idea what to expect him to sound like. He was a bit hit or miss to me but the songs I did like by him were absolute bangers, my favorite of which is ‘Panic Emoji’. This beat is wild, it almost reminds me of some song you’d hear in some dark 80s movie in a scene about a prom or something.

MIKE – NeverKnocked 

Another favorite from my out of left field avant garde grind. I love the ‘This year I’m playing Pac for my kids’ line and the lo-fi beat really grew on me after a few listens. This was an interesting album I’m looking forward to see what this guy does next. Side note – this guy is going to be hard to Google.

Kiddo Marv ft. John Wicks, Freese Cola, YBJ & CBE – Visa 

One of many highlights from Crimedawgbylaw’s best of 2018 playlist.

I’m always up for some new Florida Haitian rap. I had been listening to a bunch of Marv a couple of years ago and had unfortunately kind of just forgotten about him so it was nice to see he’s still out here grinding. I have to go back and check out the rest of his recent output.

Poppa – R Kelly 

I honestly wasn’t sure before I clicked this if it was going to be an R Kelly song called ‘Poppa’ or a Poppa song called ‘R Kelly.’ I’m not 100% clear here on what Poppa is doing wading around in that dirty water which cannot be heatlhy, but this song is low-key fire and really grew on me after a couple of listens. It’s not even particularly recent it looks like it’s from 2017 but I guess people have been re-posting it because of all the recent R Kelly news.

Westside Gunn – Elizabeth

This is a great example of the type of music these Griselda guys are capable of when they are at their best and not trying to be overly lyrical just for the sake of it. This is like ‘classic’ hip hop to me that evokes memories of a bygone age while still being ‘new’. ‘Every color Lambo truck we can make it, OG just came home from being caged in, don’t know what to do been locked up since Reagan, Allah got a better plan for you be patient.’