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Shordie Shordie – Betchua (Bitchuary)

The new year finds your host sitting back eating a bag of crab chips, taking a long, relaxed drag from my Black and Mild taking in this Baltimore rap scene feeling like I’m Prop Joe. Caught this one Betchua (apparently aka Bitchuary) by Shordie Shordie on Crimedawbylaw the other day and haven’t stopped playing it since. This is the hardest song I’ve heard in a minute.

Betchua is going to hit millions of views, or at least it should. Shordie Shordie is a star. So far everyone I’ve showed this too in real life basically for the first 30 seconds or so was like ‘I don’t know about this one’ and then shortly after was nodding along and agreeing that it’s pure fire. Shordie Shordie has the requisite charisma and image that give Betchua the star power needed for a smash hit; Betchua has literally got it all – the song, the dance, the beat, the super catchy chorus, and most importantly it pulls off the difficult tightrope act of simultaneously having something for the ladies but still being something that the hard rocks in the trenches will appreciate, for example “When I leave you be going seeing different faces, when I leave I be fucking bitches different places; still in these streets, I’ve got charges that a nigga facing”. It’s basically the perfect slap for 2019.  I challenge anyone to listen to it and not have it in their head for at least a week afterward.

“I’m in the club drinking Henny with my black and Mild, got my gun in I can wave it and start acting wild, but I won’t do that ’cause I guess that shit is out of style, that’s why I left the club early.” This line really says it all these days.

Not to sound like a trend hopper but I’m feeling this Baltimore scene right now, could Baltimore be the Detroit of 2019?

It took me a minute to realize that Shordie is the same guy from Peso da Mafia that Rap Music Hysteria was talking about almost two years ago.

By the way are overalls a Baltimore/DMV thing? I’m seeing Shordie and JPEGMAFIA both sporting them.