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Poppa da Don x Abillyon – Smoked 

Staying on this unexpected NYC Crip wave/Poppa da Don wave with Poppa and Abillyon’s ‘Smoked’. Like one of those cartoon angels on your shoulder or a Loc’d out Sunday school teacher, Abillyon implores you to ‘do the right thing or you’ll get smoked’ in that heavenly voice of his. Abillyon is quite the hook-smith and this could be one of the best of the year. I also love the gleeful ‘I’m on the other side with the Locs!,’ willfully declaring themselves as the ‘other side’ or the opps and celebrating it. Abillyon is a name some may recognize from the height of the GS9 era; from looking at his Soundcloud and quickly browsing other streaming sites, it doesn’t look like he has released a ton of music since then but he seems to be making a resurgence now. Poppa is in the middle of a strong run as well between this, ‘Crip Shit‘ and his mixtape ‘Fucc Wit Da Cuz Vol. 2‘.

I had heard this a couple of times over the summer and enjoyed it, but then for whatever reason forgot about it until I saw Meek Mill talking about it on Instagram and singing the hook and now I’ve been blasting it non-stop for the past couple of weeks. ‘Smoked’ deserves to blow up on its own merits, and has certainly done well, and I think with the co-sign from Meek now it’s really going to really reach a whole new level. It would be cool to get Meek on a remix. Possible song of the year contender?

P.S. Fun fact – apparently at one point Junior Galette who used to play for the Saints announced that Abillyon was on his record label and that he was planning to bail out the entire GS9?? Abillyon appears to be doing his own thing now and the label’s website doesn’t appear to be up anymore but they do have an IG; Galette may not be on a current NFL roster but he makes up for it by being a renaissance man of fine taste in music.

At some point when I get a chance in the next few weeks I want to go back and listen to the old Abillyon mixtapes to see what hidden gems they have in store.

I also want to find out what the deal is with these NBA player cutouts they’re holding up is!